Hayón Guest House: the perfect home for creating

Hayón Guest House is the quintessential place for creating. A very inspiring home, where colour and the essence of bygone times are the focus.

Located in Valencia, a few steps away from the Plaza de l’Ajuntament and the Mercat Central, Hayón Guest House is a space that was envisaged by the artist Jaime Hayón in which to exchange artistic projects with other creators.

An artistic home that continuously transforms

The mission of this house is to become the temporary home of artists that want to develop projects there, all linked in some way to Jaime Hayón’s universe. There are no fixed rules or norms here, as the desire to share and co-create prevails.

The aim is that, both during and after one’s stay, a work of art will eventually emerge as a result of this experience in the house, the form of which will vary depending on the artistic discipline of the artist. In exchange, during this period, the artist may stay at the house for free.

“We love to welcome artists for a weekend or seven days so they can create. And aside from this program, the house can also be rented for a maximum period of 10 days a month.”

So, as the house accommodates different artists it will transform and provide a home to new work, one of the requests being that the artists leave a piece as a memoir of their stay.

History with a contemporary perspective

As you will see from the photographs, the interior design project is fascinating.

On the one hand, Jaime Hayón has carried out an almost archeological feat by deciding to investigate under the linoleum and wood floors that the house had when he bought it. Because… surprise! Those colourful floors that look like they were embroidered… were waiting to be discovered and brought back to life! They, as you can imagine, are the alma mater of this project that is like no other, in the very centre of Valencia. And on the other hand, he has been able to strike a balance between history and the modernity of many of his creations.

“I always look for balance. In this case, I was obsessed with retrieving its brilliance of bygone times.”

Another aspect worth mentioning are the mouldings in this 1920’s Art Deco building. As Jaime Hayón was clear that he wanted to preserve the origins of the house, wherever possible, he decided to not only restore them but to replicate them in those cases where the mouldings were very damaged. The truth is that it is hard to believe that they are so old, as their aesthetic is very modern.

“The rest of the interior design project arose from the dialogues with the floors. That’s why the furniture and colours chosen form the perfect puzzle.”

Details are important, very important

At Hayón Guest House, details are everything. In addition to the noble materials, the chairs, the furniture, the doors, the sculptures, the bathrooms, the works of art, the lamps, the books, etc… are special. Nothing is here by chance and everything has a purpose. You only have to open your eyes and allow yourself to be seduced by it all.

A lot of the furniture that there is in the house is by &Tradition and Fritz Hansen.  Some were designed by him and some have even been custom-designed; the green armchair in the second lounge is by Arflex and the white coffee table is by Wittmann; the blue shelf unit that we fell in love with is by Jaime Hayón; there are “Flower pot vp9” lamps by Verner Phantom in different colours in some rooms; the ceiling lamp in the room at the end – with the salmon pink bed and the large red window of Japanese inspiration – is by Almar BCN; but as we were saying, there are also a lot of vintage pieces acquired in markets all over the world. By the way, the spectacular and moving work of art that presides over the second lounge is by the French artist Theo Viardin.

William Blake, the English poet, determined that: If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite” and that is the effect that seems to occur in the oval doors within the house and in the organic arches that connect the rooms. We like that their relevance is acknowledged, that they are focused on and that they are the perfect entrance to each of those extremely elegant spaces that awaits within.

“At HGH we promote the cultural exchange between people who we would like to meet and vice versa.”

We will say no more, what is clear is that Valencia is at its prime. Not only because it holds the title of World Design Capital 2022, but because this Mediterranean city is more exuberant than ever, it has a great climate, beautiful light, excellent gastronomy, quality of life, and now also houses the new artistic home of Jaime Hayón, a dream place in every way.

We recommend you follow him on instagram and that if you are artists yourselves and interested in taking part, you send him a DM.

(*) Photos: Ely Sánchez