Tot Cor, a project full of soul by Pepa Reverter

Tot Cor is an artistic, collaborative and solidarity project born with the intention to help people to express what they feel over and above verbal communication, to convey good vibes and to boost empathy.

The idea belongs to Pepa Reverter, who, through this main piece consisting of a heart shaped vase (“Cor” in Catalonian), appeals to the generosity and to the good times we should never forget. She chose the outline of a heart as a metaphor to our inner being, and because it is a universal symbol. It is present in many cultures and is used to show and demonstrate good feelings and love.

“It is a vase made from the heart to reclaim the fundamental values that are the wealth of a human being: love, goodness, compassion, ethics, respect, generosity and fraternity.”

A solidarity project

“This design is a tribute to mothers, to the women who give everything for their children, and to the good-hearted people of which there are still many in the world.”

As we mentioned before, Tot Cor is also a solidarity project, Tot Cor Project as it was originally conceived above all to help both those groups of people in need that are overlooked and to help shed light on diseases that are not widely known. Because, unfortunately, this is something Pepa experienced first-hand when her mother, a kind, joyful, energetic woman was diagnosed with ALS, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a disease that is difficult to diagnose and that unfortunately, is being diagnosed in an increasing number of cases.

It’s obvious that such difficult circumstances left a mark due to all the suffering involved and that’s why she decided to do something to help others.

Each collection piece is for sale and a part of the proceeds generated are destined to the Fundación Miquel Valls, a nonprofit private entity, a pioneer company in Spain that works to improve the quality of life for people affected by ALS, among other motor neuron diseases.


To create this design, Pepa Reverter found inspiration in the Shiva flower vase designed by Ettore Sottsass in the Sixties. At that time, the intention was to vindicate sexual freedom. However, now, more than ever what we need is: love, a lot of love.

“Because love is what brings you closer to others.”

Artists and designers such as Juli CapellaLolita CortésRosa Cortiellalos DíezMeritxell DuranCatalina EstradaJaime HayonJavirroyo or Sergio Mora among others have participated. In fact, until the 21st January you can see them all in a small display exhibited on the second floor of the Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas in Madrid.

About Pepa Reverter

Pepa Reverter graduated in Printmaking at the Llotja Advanced School of Art and Design, she then obtained a degree in Sculpture at the Arts Faculty in Barcelona and, finally, took a master’s course in Video and Television Production and technical direction at Barcelona Universitat Politècnica. On the way, she was lucky enough to study with some of the greats, as well as to work for Jaume Coscuella and Magí Baleta, printmakers of the works of Joan Miró, Jaume Plensa, Xavier Grau and García Sevilla.

In all this time, she has worked in many media as a visual arts expert, illustrator, designer, ceramic artist, professor, photographer and camera technician. Including TV3, the Herald Tribune, Bosa, BD Barcelona, etc… She frequently collaborates together with her partner, Ramón Úbeda, with whom she created her studio in an amazing shared space in the 22@ district in Barcelona.

Creativity with a purpose is what motivates her explorations of colour and form, creating a mood, evoking memories, or provoking an emotional reaction which is as important as the function of the piece itself. She captures the spontaneity and enthusiasm which is generally lost when we leave childhood, keeping a fresh approach and an open mind to each new project.

(*) Photos: Pepa Reverter.



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