Zenology: sublime quality, sustainable products for our personal care and the care of our home

This summer we discovered Zenology, the brand of amenities and products for personal and home care used by hotel La Bionda in Begur. We fell in love with them for both their philosophy and their fragrances and benefits.

Their origin

The origins of Zenology were developed in the hotel industry, creating great quality, luxury amenity products, elaborated by experts to offer a totally immersive olfactory experience.

“I have been fortunate enough to travel the globe and what struck me was the lack of sustainable and quality beauty products in hotels. That’s why I decided to create Zenology to cover this gap.”

Jeroen Oude Sogtoen saw a clear opportunity and focused all his efforts on developing top quality and sustainable products, that also offer a Zen experience through the power of fragrance.

“Every day, thousands of people use our products in hotels and homes all over the world.”

Clean products, free from ingredients that are harmful to skin or the environment, cruelty free and free from artificial colouring.

They only work with ingredients that are not harmful to skin and are also innocuous for the environment. That means they are free from parabens, sulphates, SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), petroleum jelly, mineral oils, synthetic colouring, silicones, animal ingredients and microplastics* such as nylon, polyamide or polyethylene, that are characterised by the fact that they are solid particles that can lead to the bioaccumulation in marine organisms and to real natural disasters.

“We merge botanical active ingredients with the power of vitamins, always in search of the balance between nature and science.”

His objective is also to be at the cutting edge of sustainability, and that’s why they continuously try to be as ecological as possible. That’s the reason behind his commitment to plant a tree for every order received through their website (through www.earthday.org). In this way, Zenology has planted thousands of trees over the years.

The power of fragrance…

Each one of their fragrances tells a different story, and that allows us as consumers to create different atmospheres and to even change our mood. Because fragrances have the power to activate our senses and evoke feelings. And at the same time, they allow us to forge emotional connections and create an experience.

“We believe in the power of fragrance as a trigger to generate emotions and memories.”

They are all produced at Accords et Parfums in the south of France, and they have been produced in the same way as an Eau de Parfum, with the aim of creating a totally immersive and sensorial experience.

“Since its foundation in 1946, Accords et Parfums is synonymous with the world of luxury perfumes.”

Jeroen Oude Sogtoen, founder of Zenology and Fredrik Dalman, the current perfumer of the company, create each fragrance together.

“What inspires me when I am working on a new fragrance is the idea of travelling and creating a new olfactory experience. A well-constructed perfume can take you to beautiful places or to memories you love.”

Additionally, all their fragrances follow IFRA regulations. The International Fragrance Association (IFRA), founded in 1973, is the voice of the fragrance industry worldwide. It promotes the safety and benefits of fragrance industry products through dialogue with all interested parties on a global scale.

100% PCR packaging + bio additives

Zenology uses 100% PCR packaging with added biodegradable additive EcoPure® – an organic additive that makes plastic biodegrade through a series of chemical and biological processes in a landfill disposal environment.

The reusing of existing plastic provides a sustainable alternative for the reduction of waste. That’s why their bottles can be refilled, and large packaging is available. This way, we can extend the life cycle of any Zenology products we have and, at the same time, shop less.

As if this weren’t enough, their travel format can also be refilled and that allows us to re-use them on all our travels and adventures.

And, of course, they don’t use unnecessary wrapping or bags either, and their gift boxes are made from recycled material and have been designed to be re-used.

Carbon footprint

Another fundamental aspect in the Zenology philosophy is to reduce our carbon footprint.

“We reduce transport obtaining raw materials, product components and packaging from European producers wherever possible.”

Ambiance Trigger

Ambiance Trigger is one of their icons. It was originally designed to apply their fragrances to hotel rooms and public spaces.

“This product originates from industrial aerosols but contains evocative   fragrances that captivate the space they are setting the atmosphere for.”

Because in the same way that a person has a scented identity, each environment can have its own perfumed atmosphere.

Another of its advantages is that the bottle has an advanced spray mechanism with a wide range Canyon trigger, which allows us to apply a scent to an entire room with just one shot.

We have tried the complete range: hair care and body care products and products to fragrance your home. All their fragrances are exquisite, but if we had to choose, we would stick with these four: Fycus Sycomorus

GossypiumPõmum Grãnãtum and Camellia Sinensis.

Highly recommendable.

(*) Photos provided by Zenology.



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