Excellent specialty coffee and artisan chocolates by Puchero

The stories we love are the ones like Paloma’s and Marco’s, who after several years living in London and working for others, realized they wanted to do something different, something that had their mark, because as they themselves state:

“We wanted to look at things from a new perspective to focus on our path.”

Said and done. In order to do so, they travelled and visited many fantastic places, meeting incredible people that showed them and passed on to them their love for the fascinating world of coffee. During this process of learning and shared passion, the idea of creating their personal project appeared, they called it Puchero.

It’s been 5 years since that decision and the truth is that Puchero has brought them many joys. Not only has it grown but it has also become a reference in specialty coffee and one of the best coffee roasters in the country. This is not only satisfying but it also compensates all their effort, dedication and all their good work during this time.

Puchero chocolates

However, as their curiosity is far reaching and their capacity to innovate is wide, they chose to give their acclaimed coffee a little brother. So three years after their first adventure, Puchero chocolates were born, which are inspired in the infinite nuances of cacao from different parts of the world.

But what most defines them, apart from using top quality ingredients, is that they themselves roast the seeds, that have been collected and dried at source by small producers, to elaborate their delicious artisan chocolate.

If you haven’t tried them, what are you waiting for. Because, as well as being delicious, if you like design you’ll see that their packaging is great.


They also have a cafeteria, where to enjoy delicious coffee, chocolate, cookies, banana bread and toast from Monday to Sunday 9am to 2 pm.

Finca Puentes Mediana
Carretera N601, Km 155
47238 Hornillos de Eresma (Valladolid)

If you like hot chocolate, you can enjoy it at Kakaw Bar by Popota or prepare it at home by following their recipe.

(*) Photos by Puchero.



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