Tylko: Customizable, sustainable designer furniture

We are passionate about design, furniture and interior design. That’s why we could not overlook this extremely innovative brand. It’s called Tylko – which means “only” in Polish – and it was founded six years ago in Warsaw (Poland) by a group of four avant-garde, interdisciplinary entrepreneurs – Ben, Hania, Jacek and Mikolaj – who were experienced in architecture, design, parametric design, brand development and business management.

“Tylko improves homes through premium customized storage furniture.”

With their sights set firmly on the future, their aim is none other than to revolutionize the furniture industry through a holistic approach. That’s why they look after each and every detail, as well as the processes that make up their value chain: from their employees, their products and designs, their visual identity and the communication of the brand, to the packaging, their customer service and, of course, their responsibility for the wellbeing of the planet. As if this wasn’t enough, their flexible and dynamic way of thinking allows them to respond swiftly and appropriately and to be prepared for any possible challenges that may crop up.

Tylko rejects the fast and disposable furniture culture, and that’s why they design items that are made to last that will remain in homes for years to come.

With regards to this last point, Tylko, which was considered one of the most innovative businesses when launching at London Design Festival in 2015 thanks to its business model and its new approach to furniture sales.

Likewise, Tylko furniture is produce from wood sourced in Northern Europe and in factores that have several certifications such as FSC and PFC certificates, only to reduce their carbon footprint and to support local economies, avoids plastic waste and uses recyclable packaging.

Their mission is to have a positive impact on the industry, their customers and the planet. And that’s why they only produce upon request, thus avoiding warehouses full of stock and waste.

“Tylko creates simple storage structures that we can customize to our taste.”

Designing your own piece of furniture is child’s play.

To be able to offer this kind of products, they have created an online configurator, available on their web and on an augmented reality app, Tylko AR, that allows you to customize any of their products easily and intuitively, as well as allowing us to preview them live in our space before we purchase them. Why? To escape from standardized furniture and offer functional pieces that adapt to the personality of each home.

But… how does it work? It’s easy:

1. We choose the piece of furniture that we like and fits our needs.

2. We focus the camera on our mobile phone on the spot in the house where the furniture will go.

3. We customize: sizes, scales and colours.

Next, we will see the cost of the item in real time and have the option to place our order.

It’s that simple! And if, even so, you’re in two minds about the materials, you can order samples. There are four sets to choose from and each one costs 5€.

Different categories and product lines

It all began with the “Type01″ product line in plywood and veneer, both available as shelves and sideboards. Since then, the Polish brand has not stopped creating new product lines and designs, such as the bolder “Type02” in selected statement colours and the “Type03 Wardrobe”. They have all been designed to meet the customers’ specific needs.

With regards to the type of furniture items, the portfolio currently holds bookcases, wall storage, TV stands, shoe racks, vinyl storage units, chests of drawers, sideboards and, most lately, wardrobes.

As you will be able to see for yourselves, they all stand out for their minimalist lines and their timeless designs.

Simple design and assembly

Tylko furniture is extremely easy to assemble. But the best thing is… no tools are required!

Postage is free for most of Europe and their delivery periods tend to be 3-4 weeks from when we order.

Creative collaborations

As well as having their own team of designers, they have also collaborated with incredibly talented professionals from all over the world. For them, it is this constant creative input that keeps them at the cutting edge, as well as being a friendly reminder of the importance of remaining open receiving and exchanging ideas.

Without further ado, we’d like to mention that we have tried their app and have configured our own piece of furniture. Our experience has been very positive, and that’s why we recommend it.

Not only did we find it very easy to use the app, but we also loved the process of designing the furniture that we wanted according to our parameters.

Additionally, the service was impeccable and the product itself is beautiful and very good quality (even better than in the photos).

(*) Photos courtesy by Tylko.