Le Bon Marché presents «Olé Olé» by Rossy de Palma

Address: Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche: 24 rue de Sèvres 75007 (Paris)
Hours: Until October 15, 2023

On 15th October, Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche opens “Olé Olé” for the first time, a tribute to the universe of the multifaceted Rossy de Palma but also to Spanish culture, consisting of a beautiful and colourful pop-up store, an exhibition and exclusive designs created by the exuberant Spanish actress.

“Olé Olé is a pop-up designed in the form of an imaginary house that captures the creative universe of Rossy de Palma.”

An extraordinary selection of unique objects, unconventional and colourful creations …

Among this selection, we can find objects such as ceramic by The Platera, fabrics by Siyu, jewellery items by Simuero and La Manso, baskets and accessories by Olend and Pup Bag, prints by Johanna Ortiz and Natan, shoes and handbags by Hereu, clothes by La Veste and Thinking Mu, candles by Copito, vases by TotCor Project, decorative and design objects by Hey StudioEturelValeria Vasi and Manana Maison d’édition, among many others.

“This selection pays tribute to Spanish craftsmanship and its non-conforming designs, as well as to the iconic actress’ favourite brands and products.”

For this occasion, the facilities of the Parisian department store with views over Rue de Sèvres, which belongs to the LVMH luxury brand, have been coloured candy pink, flamingo red and giant polka dots to create a full Iberian immersion.

In addition, Rossy de Palma also participated in the design of a line of products by Olivier Bernoux, that includes, among other things, a brooch and a fan, a candle together with Etat libre d’Orange, and a scrub in collaboration with the brand The Lab Room by Monica Ceno.

La Vie en Rossy: carte blanche for Rossy de Palma

This autumn, Le Bon Marché will also be transformed into a theatre with the Cirque Le Roux company, and because of this, Rossy de Palma will offer a small show (300 spectators) inside the shop on three days (13th, 20th and 27th September). A unique experience in which the participants will be able to enjoy an hour long show with no breaks. Tickets cost 50 euros per person and include cloakroom service.

“One of Almodóvar’s muses will tell her secrets and her life on stage”

Because Rossy de Palma is a live show herself, a diverse artist, that breaks the norm and is an infinite source of inspiration for the world of art and fashion.

Ultimately, this tribute to the artist just underlines her deep connection to France. Absolutely unmissable.

“Rossy de Palma, international cinema’s favourite muse, is an endless source of inspiration for the world of art and fashion.”

(*) Image by Le Bon Marché.



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