Oura Ring: your health on your hand

We are fans of technological gadgets and this pretty wearable device with its discreet design and ultralight weight – it weighs no more than 6g and is made of titanium with a PVD coating- has stolen our heart. We’ll tell you why.

It is a smart ring that has added electronic functions that respond to specific gestures, and that compiles and predicts all kinds of data thanks to seven heat sensors, an infrared PPG sensor system as well as green and red LEDs. Thanks to all of these, it manages to control both your sleep levels and your oxygen levels; works out recovery times; predicts the menstruation date for women; measures body temperature and performs a precise monitoring of the training that we do.

“Oura Ring is the latest trend in health technology.”

This unique ring is already on its third-generation design and allows us to know our body better through all these measurements and to have more control over our health condition, which is its main objective. Also, all we have to do is put in on our finger and that’s it. The Oura Ring will begin to work without our even realizing it.

Other benefits

Long lasting battery: Specifically, it has up to 7 days of battery life. It has a fast charge, and the battery charges completely in just 20-80 minutes.

Scientific level sensors: green LEDs (optic sensor for heart rate); red LED (blood oxygen sensor), infrared photoplethysmography sensors; skin temperature sensors (negative temperature coefficient sensor); Photodiodes; 3D Accelerometer: For them to monitor our sleep, our activity, our recovery time, our temperature, our heart rate, our stress and much more with great precision.

Compatibility and multi-language: Compatible with Apple, Google Fit, Health Connect, Strava and Natural Cycles. And it is available in English, Finnish, German, French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

Award winning design: For its comfort as it adjusts easily to the finger* and hardly weighs anything, for its water resistance up to 100m and for its great durability.

*When you make the purchase, Oura will send you a kit free of cost with different sizes to determine the perfect size of your ring. This is essential as a ring that is correctly adjusted will provide results with the most precise data possible, the best comfort and general experience.

The least good thing about this ring?

Its price is 314 € for the Heritage model and 367 € for the Horizon model. They are both available in four colours: silver, black, stealth and gold. A monthly subscription fee needs to be added to the initial price. The first month is free and the following months, we need to pay a fee of 5,99 €/month.

It isn’t magic

It’s important to clarify this. What this ring does, or others in its category, is provide data that is relevant for our own care. But if we don’t do anything with that data/advice, our health will not magically improve. It’s important to take heed of the guidelines/ recommendations that the ring provides as otherwise it won’t make any sense to have invested so much money in it.

“The finger is the best point at which to measure the heart rate with precision, as it is more sensitive to movement and more precise on every kind of skin tone.”

(*) Cover photo: Oura Ring.



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