Pampa: Candles that are pure art

That candles are a trend is a reality, and that there are emerging brands with soul that make true works of art is also true. Pampa is a good example. This brand of traditional candles that are made entirely in Madrid has created a beautiful collection inspired in furnishings, classical structures and columns.

It all began when these two friends, Adriana Buitrago and Juan Carlos Castro, together with other friends, decided to launch a coworking site: Sabanero10, in which to be able to create freely. From the start, they were clear that they wanted to shape different everyday objects, but the possibility to make candles came about by chance, both for what they represented, as well as for their versatility and for the possibilities their materials offer. But always keeping in mind the objective that there should be a concept that would go that little bit further.

“To produce these pieces, we wanted to count on old artisanal trades such as the lathe and to defend the use of traditional and artisanal elaboration methods.”

As you can see, in addition to having a practical use, Pampa candles are sculptures. In fact, many customers tell us that they don’t use them and instead they are used to decorate different rooms. And although it’s difficult for you to imagine their size, these candles are quite bulky and they are ideal for providing tables or any other setting with a new identity, as well as providing a very cosy atmosphere when they are lit.

“People who are interested in Pampa look for more than just a decorative element, a product created by local designers and produced in a sustainable environment with ecological materials.”

Another interesting aspect is that they are all crafted traditionally with high fusion soy wax and they are all self-standing. That is, they don’t need any type of support. They use wooden counter-molds made by a lathe-operator who created the carved pieces from which they are subsequently able to self-produce each candle.

“All our pieces are unique and don’t have similar representations in the more industrial market.”

They can all be  be bought on their web and are also available at other physical points of sale such as Super by Dot, Llop in Madrid or: OMG BCN in Barcelona; and Poppyns Store in Valencia.

And if you are looking for something special, you can always write to them and see what options there are.



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