Hereu studio: designer shoes and bags made in Spain

HEREU Studio is a brand of shoes and accessories, unisex, for men and women, that we like a lot. The brand is from Barcelona and has been inspired by the Mediterranean when creating its collections, whose items are reminiscent of the sea.

All their products are handmade in Spain, because as they themselves tell us:

“At HEREU, we reinterpret traditional crafts by means of a personal language, influenced by the merging of art, popular and traditional culture of Mediterranean lands.”

And the funny thing is that the result is a perfect collage between tradition and innovation, between things local and international, through functional timeless designs.

Its founders are José Luis Bartolomé and Albert Escribano, who decided to allow themselves to soak in their Mediterranean roots again and create a new brand, after so many years immersed in London and Paris.

“We grew up in the Mediterranean, we based our work on our memories of how shoes have always been, that’s why many of them are reminiscent of childhood shoes or those of past generations.”

And in order to achieve this, they work with artisans and experts, so that their items, as well as being unique and designer, are of the best quality and comfortable. Because although they strive for them to be timeless, the pieces are influenced by current trends, in their outline, the materials and the colours.

We invite you to visit their their web and to see all their models. They also have a very interesting “Archive sale”.

(*) Photos provided by Hereu studio.



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