Montoya: a design area in Poblenou where creativity flows

Poblenou is the place to be for us. We love it because of its industrial look and the sheer beauty in the amount of businesses with soul there, such as Casa TaosEspai JoliuEspai MietisNomad CoffeeAcid HousePoblenou Social ClubAlblanc, among many others, as well as because of its urban art and other spots with a tale to tell that flood its streets. It’s a kind of collage mixing old and new which, at least for now, manages to strike the perfect balance.

A good example of this “rebirth” of spaces is Montoya, based at No.32 Calle Ávila, which owes its name in part to the small private passage at the entrance that leads to the incredible building where it is located – in its day, it was a warehouse and a relic of one of the largest industrial complexes of the 20th century in Spain.

It was in 2017, when this classic building was restored by the interior designer Skye Maunsell and the industrial designer Jordi Veciana. Together they transformed it into a workspace commissioned by a creative collective where connections, synergies and collaborations among its members could be developed.

Montoya consists of three floors. Open plan, flexible workspaces occupy the basement and the ground floor. The first floor is an open space of 450m2 with an outdoor patio that can be accessed through the surrounding glass walls. This space is used for the private events that are organized, as well as for parties, brainstorming, photo shoots, presentations, product launches and other events.

“Our aim is to create a space that inspires, an environment in which to discover, shape and develop new ideas.”

As you can see in the photos, when they renovated the interior, both Veciana and Maunsell were extremely careful in preserving the building’s original character. This is why they created an open design, with natural lighting and that contrasts with the renovated façade of a modern minimalist look.

The building can be accessed through a passage, that is a private corridor covered by an original wrought iron door. This space is designed as if it were an interior, with lightly polished warm grey concrete stairs and floor, and white walls outlined by the natural light to create a peaceful space in which to reflect and find inspiration. Along the entire passage, there is a plantation full of green tropical and Japanese vegetation, and it is here that we find the Skye Coffee Corner, where we can enjoy delicious specialty coffee.

On the ground floor, there are several workspaces and communal rest areas, that are divided by translucid floor length fine net curtains, which are inspired in the tones of the worn walls. The best thing is that they allow privacy while creating a feeling of warmth and comfort inside, allowing the light to enter.

“The furniture is a mixture of carefully selected and/ or custom designed items by Skye and Jordi, together with a large complementary collection provided by Vitra España, who joined the project in 2019.”

The lighting is also very important and that is why they have a selection of designer lamps that stand out for their practical simplicity and their aesthetics.

The access to the basement from the ground floor is through a new, modern, minimalist staircase with ash wood steps and a white steel structure. As on the ground floor, the basement is a combination of workspaces and rest areas separated by glass panels.

The truth is that Montoya is a real gem. A place to find inspiration and where to develop great ideas.

(*) Photos: Salva López @salvalopez