Lynk & Co: a new mobility concept

We have got used to enjoying monthly subscription services for a while now, but we still hadn’t tried them when it comes to cars. We recently experienced one first-hand thanks to Lynk & Co, a car company founded in 2016 in Gothenburg, Sweden, that has revolutionised the concept of mobility and the car sector forever, and that also sponsors the Unusual Travel Guides by CC/magazine.

Flexible mobility

Lynk & Co, who currently have 25,000 members nationally and 6,800 cars driving on Spanish roads, has transformed our way of using and understanding cars, giving us the option of buying it, sharing it with other users or subscribing to a membership, as if it were a Spotify account, with no retention clauses or complications. So whichever option we choose, we are guaranteed to get a premium vehicle and access to services that will make our lives easier.

A unique plug-in hybrid model in two colours

At Lynk & Co there is one unique model, the 01, that scored the 5-star classification awarded by the prestigious European New Car Assessment Program (EuroNCAP). This assessment puts vehicles through demanding tests to measure quality and reliability. The 01 is available in two colours: blue and black.

The car is marvellous in every way. It has a panoramic sunroof, a 12.3″ high-definition screen that can be customised to our needs, assisted parking, different apps to help us make the most of driving, all the accessories are included as standard, it has an electric range of 69km in the city, and a speaker system that allows you to listen to your favourite song list or the radio with amazing quality sound.

As if this wasn’t enough, it is super comfortable, thanks to its seats which remind us of gamer chairs, and that are also sustainable thanks to their ECONYL® upholstery, which is regenerated nylon made from recycled fishing nets and other plastic waste.

We have driven many cars and we can assure you this is, by far, the most comfortable.

Sustainability is another of its hallmarks

Through this innovative membership model, Lynk & Co is trying to reduce the fleet of cars on the road in our cities and improve traffic and parking under the premise that people who own cars only use them 4% of the time. In essence, the company has managed to have us enjoy all the benefits of owning a car without any of the disadvantages.

The 01 also produces less CO2 emissions than a normal petrol or diesel car and can be driven in hybrid or electric mode.

This means that we can travel between 60 and 80 kms using only the electric engine and when the battery needs recharging or we need more power, the fuel engine will come into play. And this all happens without us having to do anything, as the car has a functionality that means this all occurs automatically. So, as well as spending less on the car, we also reduce our carbon footprint.

“The 01 is a plug-in hybrid that, given that it combines the two types of engines, reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions to a minimum.”

Another of its great advantages is that the 01 also includes the Zero Emission badge which allows us to drive in Low Emission Zones (ZBE in Spanish), park for free or with largely reduced tariffs in many cities, as well as other discounts on road tax and even discounts on the tolls of some highways.

Lease, subscribe or buy

Lynk & Co offers the following options:

Monthly Subscription

It costs 600€/month and has no retention period so we can cancel whenever we want. There is an additional subscription fee of 200€.

This monthly fee includes: The plug-in hybrid 01 in black or blue; Maintenance and repairs; Fully comprehensive insurance and taxes; 1250 km/month accumulative mileage; Connectivity and the availability of Car Sharing.


Consult different options here.

This is the best-known option. In this case, Lynk & Co proposes leases of 36, 48 or 60 months and a mileage of between 10 000 and 40 000 km a year.

It includes: the plug-in hybrid 01 available in two colours: black or blue, it is totally equipped and has all the safety features. The tow bar is optional.

“Through Lynk & Co’s flexible mobility, we have the chance to have a car for an hour, a month or even forever.”


It costs 44,500 € (VAT included).

This price includes the plug-in hybrid car in one of two colours: blue or black, fully equipped with all the extras; the possibility to benefit from government aids for green vehicles; connectivity and over the air software updates. All the safety features are also included.


It can be hired easily through their app.

If you want to try it out, you can book a free test drive and enjoy an hour at the wheel to go wherever you want, alone or in the company of a Lynk & Co staff member.

Lynk & Co Clubs all over Europe

To date, Lynk & Co has opened 11 clubs in Europe distributed around some of these cities: Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Stockholm, Hamburg, Gothenburg, Antwerp or Barcelona. At the end of this year, they intend to open the second Lynk & Co Club in Spain in Madrid (C/ Gran Via, 1).

The Lynk & Co Clubs are an alternative to the traditional car dealerships as well as being a meeting place and a place in which to be creative. These spaces have been designed and decorated in collaboration with local artists and designers. A good example is the beautiful club in Barcelona, located right in the middle of Passeig de Gràcia and that was designed by Masqueespacio, the award-winning design studio from Valencia. In it, you will find all kinds of references ranging from the Wizard of Oz to Gaudí.

When you come to a club, you will see that the interesting thing about them is that they are really versatile spaces. They can be used for coworking, they have a cafeteria and they also have a shop with carefully selected design products. And, in the case of Barcelona, they also have a pool which you don’t need to have brought your swimming costume with you to enjoy…

As you will see from the images, we enjoyed the 01 at Bardenas Reales (Navarra) and it was fabulous. The driving is smooth and comfortable, it has very low consumption and, for long distance drives such as ours, it was a real pleasure.

(*) Photos by Ely Sánchez.