La Bionda: The Costa Brava hotel that Wes Anderson would stay in

Inaugurated on the 20th June 2020 in the very centre of Begur (Costa Brava) and set in a 17th century building, La Bionda is a lovely ecological boutique hotel with only 8 rooms, that was renovated by Quintana Partners Studio down to the last detail.

Contact: 621 31 52 83
Address: Carrer de Francesc Forgas, 1, Begur (Girona)

Carla Lloveras is the creator of this really beautiful project and tells us that they decided to call the hotel “Bionda”, because that is how her father’s great grandmother was known: “La rossa” (“bionda” in Italian, “rubia” in Spanish, “blonde” in English). It was she who founded the family business in 1879, a butcher’s shop that is already over 150 years old. Amazing, right? In fact, the butcher’s shop was called “Ca La Rossa” in her honour.

“La Bionda is a tribute to the first woman in the family to set up the family business.”

An interior design project with an inspiring story

The refurbishment of the house was carried out by Quintana Partners, who have preserved the original architecture and favoured sustainability in order to assure the minimum impact on the environment.

“I discovered their work through a very small hotel they owned of only 5 rooms that they also managed, Casa Telmo.”

The building was a residential home, the ground floor of which was built at the end of the 17th century. It’s full of details, amazing vaulted ceilings, really beautiful hydraulic flooring, a welcoming courtyard… Inevitably, it was love at first sight for Lloveras.

In addition, the design of the house tells the story of a woman in the 1930s who welcomed influential women of the time into this home. Intellectuals, writers, actresses, artists, sportswomen, women from all over the world that held prominent positions at the beginning of the 20th century.

Inspired by Wes Anderson

The 8 rooms have been decorated in very different ways, but they all maintain that very characteristic look and feel, that is sometimes reminiscent of Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel”.

Each of the rooms is named after one of those influential women from the early 20th century who stayed at La Bionda. Details are abundant in the interiors. From the really comfortable beds with wrought iron headboards, the retro-style ceramic light switches, the selection of books and artwork, the furniture, the radio, the vintage bath or the Zenology amenities, etc. You can see the love of detail and nothing has been left to chance.

The selected colour palette, together with the combination of textures and high-quality materials create a warm atmosphere throughout the hotel.

An excellent service

The truth is that the welcoming atmosphere that can be felt at La Bionda is thanks, above all, to the team behind this brilliant project. Because both Carla Lloveras and the rest of the team make you feel at home, or even better than that, making you forget that you’re at a hotel.

Common areas to enjoy

As well as the rooms, La Bionda has different communal spaces. On the second floor, there is a charming terrace-solarium with sofas, umbrellas and recliners; and on the ground floor, there is a large lounge with artwork and replicas of the props from the film “The Grand Budapest Hotel” by Wes Anderson, an evocative honesty bar and an outdoor courtyard with a greenhouse where to have a great breakfast.

Music for the soul

La Bionda’s Spotify lists were created by its owner during the pandemic, with the aim of giving each space a different atmosphere.

“Each list is a mood for the guest, for different moments of the day. Some of the lists ‘by C-roack’ were created by a music loving friend.”

A sustainable project

They are committed to sustainability, and their objective is to have a positive environmental and social impact.

Green energy: they generate most of their electric energy through photovoltaic panels that make the most of solar energy. They also generate cooling, heating and hot water through an aerothermal system that extracts the energy from the air outside.

100% ecological and biodegradable cleaning and disinfection system: because it is highly effective against virus and bacteria, but totally harmless for people. It complies with EU biocide regulations and is included in the ECHA list of biocides that are apt for disinfection which means it meets our sustainability objective. Approved by the WHO.

Locally sourced breakfast: the breakfast products are personally selected for their quality and proximity, to bring sustainability to their gastronomy. The delicious cold meat products they serve are from their family’s butcher business.

Plastic free: they try to use only glass and ceramics. All their ceramic items have been individually crafted by hand.

Eco Amenities: their bathroom amenities are organic, biodegradable, non-contaminating and not tested on animals. They are by the firm, Zenology.

Locally sourced water: They filter their water and serve it in reusable glass recipients.

They re-use: they like to give their decorative objects, that already had a use, a second life to avoid more production and waste. A good example is their iconic lampstand with its green lampshade with tassels.

An unbeatable location under the Costa Brava sun

Among its main features, is the fact that it is located in the charming village of Begur. La Bionda is just opposite the church, surrounded by little shops, restaurants… And it is the ideal place for those travellers that love design and are looking for hotels with something special and a little bit different to spend some time they won’t forget.

Highly recommendable.

(*) Photos: Ely Sánchez and Cecilia Camacho.