The Punta Cumplida Lighthouse: a unique place to stay for an unforgettable experience

A week before the Cumbre Vieja volcano erupted, we were in La Palma (“La Isla Bonita”, the beautiful island) and as we told you in the article we published, it was love at first sight for us. Following what happened, we interrupted any communication related to La Palma as it was not the right time to visit the island. However, having spoken to the inhabitants of La Palma and to official institutions, everyone agrees that, except for the exclusion zone, it is safe to visit this amazing destination.

That said, on this occasion, we want to talk to you about this very special place to stay. It’s called the Punta Cumplida Lighthouse and it is one of the oldest lighthouses in Spain – it’s 154 years old – and it still maintains its nautical functions. It is located at Barlovento, the northernmost area of the island. A beautiful setting, where you can lose yourself and reconnect, as well as providing support to this dream island.

Since only a couple of years ago, the lighthouse has been converted into a luxury hotel thanks to Floatel, a company that specialises in offering unique accomodation hidden away in special locations and that has five lighthouses throughout Spain and Italy that have been converted into hotels on its books. The Lighthouse Punta Cumplida has just three suites – the Atlantic suite and the La Palma suitewhich can accomodate two guests each, and the Farero suite, in which up to four people can sleep – a typical Canary island patio, an infinity pool with unbeatable views of the Atlantic ocean, a 5000 m² garden and a space to practise yoga.

This is definitely a unique location to enjoy an exceptional experience for the senses.

“We visited for the first time in 2016 and we immediately fell in love with the place. It has been a long and rocky road but, in the end, we received the licence and we were able to begin reconstructing our dream.” Tim Wittenbecher

Also, this lighthouse is in a privileged location. It is 111ft above the cliffs and surrounded by fantastic natural pools and banana plantations. Interestingly, one of the old lighthouse keepers at the Punta Cumplida Lighthouse is now an agricultural farmer at Bio Banana who works close to the lighthouse and delivers bananas for the guests.

The refurbishment and interior design project was carried out by industrial designer Marc Nagel and Olimpia Isla, an architect who is additionally a great lighthouse enthusiast. The aesthetics of the rooms are of Nordic design, and they have predominantly neutral tones and a very cosy minimalist and maritime atmosphere.

As expected, the three rooms have all the commodities, and these include a modern kitchen, a living room, books about the island and an outside terrace. And the Farero suite, which is the largest, also has a fireplace.

The only competition for the amazing pool are the views from the terrace, that is right underneath the lantern room. After climbing more than 150 steps, you can contemplate the beauty of the sea as well as the lovely landscape that surrounds this idyllic setting. It’s one of those things that remains engraved in your mind.

We went up to the top of the lighthouse several times, both by day and at night, and although any time is a good time, we have to confess that at dawn it is beautiful, as we could witness the thousand and one stars that can be seen from this island, that has one of the best skies in the world for stargazing (it is a Starlight destination).

Another of the essential aspects of such unique accomodation is the service. Pili is the housekeeper at Punta Cumplida Lighthouse. She is a lovely woman, very friendly and smiley, and the person responsible for making the guests’ stay feel like heaven. She is also the one who prepares breakfast with local produce, and who serves it in a basket at the time you requested, together with freshly brewed coffee.

As for the rest of the meals, although the lighthouse does not have a restaurant, there is the possibility of ordering a candlelit dinner with a chef.

Although for us, the best option was to visit La Gaviota, a restaurant that is right next to the lighthouse, at La Fajana natural pools, and where they cook fresh fish divinely. The best thing is to ask for it to take away and enjoy it at the lighthouse.

On another note, among the many anecdotes that Tim Wittenbecher (Floatel) has collected over this period, this Oscar-related story which we loved stands out:

“We managed to put vouchers for the lighthouse in the gift bag at the Oscars 2020 ceremony for the top five nominees of the five main categories. So now, all the top celebrities such as Scarlett Johanssen, Brad Pitt or Leonardo di Caprio, among others… have vouchers to visit the lighthouse some day…In fact, one of them already flew around the tower by helicopter.. Because Brad Pitt visited George Clooney to take part in a Netflix series that George was filming in La Palma in February 2020…”

There is little more for us to add. The truth is that sleeping in a lighthouse has always been a dream of ours and, now that we have done so, we can assure you it is well worth it and we will do it again as soon as we get the chance.

(*) Photos: Ely Sánchez and Cecilia Camacho (



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