Numeroventi: the beautiful and inspiring artist residency and hotel in Florence

Numeroventi, the artist residency and hotel, is located in the historical Palazzo Galli Tassi right in the heart of Florence. Its idiosyncrasy is so spectacular that everything there is a true work of art. From its stunning 15th century courtyard to the frescoes on the wall, the really high ceilings, its staircase…a complete Stendhal moment.

The idea of creating this space as a residence for artists and a hotel came about following a conversation between Martino di Napoli Rampolla and Alessandro Modestino Ricciardelli after enlisting Andrew Trotter, interior designer and editor of Openhouse magazine, to redesign the interiors of this inspiring palace. They also wanted to offer artists and creatives a space to develop new projects outside their working routine, and for that space to house a boutique hotel and an exhibition hall. Said and done.

“They have co-living, co-working and exhibition spaces for artists as well as a boutique hotel.”

A Florentine Palazzo that mixes Scandinavian design and Italian Renaissance

This historic building is at number 20 on Via dei Pandolfini in the historical centre of Florence and was built in 1510 by merging several 14th century houses that belonged to merchants. It was later extended and decorated with paintings, frescoes and sculptures by the 17th century Baroque masters Fabrizio BoschiOttavio Vannini and Francesco Furini, as well as a grand neoclassical staircase.

Having been used for centuries as the governor’s palace, a ministry and even a syrup factory, this splendid building full of stories and lives evidently reflects the history of the city.

Additionally, it has great historical ties to Michelangelo and to di Napoli Rampolla, whose grandmother lived in an apartment inside this Palazzo when he was a child and where he himself lived while he studied at university.

Another of the aspects that defines its personality is the 19th century courtyard where there is a marble statue of Hercules, entrusted to the Florentine sculptor Domenico Pieratti. In the past, it was a historical market square, as attested by the octagonal medieval pillars, but it now functions as an outdoor lounge and meeting place, where breakfasts, pop-up dinners and other events are held.

It was the architect, Gianni Emiliani, who undertook the renovation of this 16th century structure to maximise the natural light and open the spaces in the rooms and studios. It was Trotter who gave the interiors a dose of Scandinavian minimalism with modern furnishings, many by the furniture brand FRAMA, as well as objects and details from mid-century.

“They have managed to artfully mix past and present, through a minimalist Scandinavian style and historical elements.”

The result, as you can see in the pictures, is an inspiring environment that contributes to an experience of contemplation and silence, where local and international artists, digital nomads and guests from all over the world can work and stay.

“This inspiring hotspot currently has 6 lofts. Each with a different aesthetic and they are each unique.”

What all these six different lofts have in common is that they include works of art, that are constantly being renewed. They also stand out for being bathed in natural light, for have designer furniture, for their high and rustic ceilings and for a very characteristic color palette, where beige and earth tones predominate.

A mutating artistic program in a multidisciplinary project

As we said before, Numeroventi has a program that is made up of different exhibitions, creative workshops and collaborative meetings.

“This multidisciplinary project stands out not only for its ambitious program but also for its unique ambience.”

Through welcoming established and emerging artists, and the organisation of workshops and exhibitions, it supports the weaving of an incredible artistic fabric.

In fact, some of the artists that have stayed there include artists like Agnes NunesAlbert MoyaBenjamin ClementineDuccio Maria GambiFormafantasmaCarla and Marta Cascales AlimbauDaniela AntonelliEsther ChangGiulia CosenzaRick OwensSamuel de SaboiaYoon-Young HurStudiopepeWillem Van Hoof, among many others.


Another of the fields that Numeroventi promotes is gastronomy.

At the moment, they organise receptions and dinners where they invite international chefs, both aspiring and well-established chefs, to cook and celebrate contemporary creativity and cultural exchanges.

“Numeroventi is a stronghold of peace where to create, rest and connect.”

We recently visited this marvellous place full of history, art, design and creativity which we highly recommend. It is also a unique way to discover a city as fascinating as Florence.

(*) Photos by Salva López & Pia Riverola (body text photos 1, 5 y 7).



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