Michelberger, “the place to be” in Berlin

Michelberger is our favourite hotel in Berlin. An incredible place in the lively Berlin neighbourhood of Friedrichshain, where you can stay but, above all, where you can enjoy unique experiences.

Site: www.michelbergerhotel.com
Address: Warschauer Str. 39-40, 10243 Berlin (Alemania)

The creators of this lovely multicultural and designer space, that was one day home to a lamp factory, are Nadine and Tom Michelberger. They are the architects of this soothing sanctuary for musicians, writers and local artists because, they have created more than just a hotel, they have managed to welcome the crème de la crème of the artistic scene of this vibrant city, and beyond, thanks to their know-how and the atmosphere they have created.

Posing is frowned upon here and what they really promote is a lifestyle for enthusiasts of the good life. Through healthy meals served in its restaurant that they elaborate with local produce- much of their fruit and vegetables come from the Michelberger farm in Brandenburg- specialty coffee, carefully looked after content and experiences, good music – you won’t be able to stop using Shazam– and comfortable cosy rooms with a 50s and 60s industrial look. They have seven categories of accommodation so that we can choose what suits us best: whether we are travelling alone, with family or if we need a bigger space to share with friends. We recommend that you thoroughly check out which type of room suits you best before you book, because some may be too small for you.

With regards to communal areas, the truth is that they are also great; both their exuberant patio full of plants and life (specially in summer) and their lobby, where their excellently selected furniture stands out, their tremendous industrial bookshop, their beautiful lamps, their mini merchandising and local produce shop, their vintage sofas that have been upholstered in a sustainable way by the family company Surma Polsterei, and their grand piano.

Other aspects of Michelberger worth mentioning are its Farm to table restaurant captained by the chef Alan Micks, where one can share and enjoy delicious dishes accompanied by natural wines; its bar (which can be found next to the lobby and behind reception) where one can delight in some of their local beers (e.g. Mikkeller and Brewbaker) and/ or cocktails prepared with liqueurs and spirits that are also from local distilleries; their breakfasts, there is no better way to start the day!; their commitment to the environment- the hotel has water fountains equipped with Leogant water filters, to transform tap water into spring water; as well as their different initiatives to promote awareness in consumption. Nothing is left to chance here and each project that they develop has a purpose connected to a good cause.

“It is time to take responsibility and create something new as a collective, with less fear, and locally committed and globally responsible.”

“We want to do our part, use our spaces, build on our community to connect and inspire and learn from each other.”

To date, the most memorable events that have been carried out at the Michelberger have had to do mainly with music – in fact, the hotel is also famous for accommodating great musicians and another good example is its own festival: PEOPLE Festival – with art, as they love to collaborate with some of the most energetic and avant-garde artists in the world and with wellbeing. This is why, at the beginning of 2020, they launched the “Lift Off” program, where guests can enjoy a stay that includes breakfast, Kundalini Yoga, lunch, meditation, talks, music, gym and sauna in the patio and, to top it all, a meal made with produce from the Michelberger estate.

If you are thinking of visiting Berlin and staying somewhere that is different, genuine and unforgettable, you will absolutely love the Michelberger.



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