Hotel Saint Cecilia pays tribute to music and poetry in Austin

Austin is a city we’ve been to a few times. We are on the Advisory Board of Localeur and, thanks to Joah Spearman, we have enjoyed this fascinating city, so full of life.

The last time we visited this vibrant city, we discovered this lovely hotel that was originally built in 1888 as the Miller-Crockett house. In fact, it was Cristina Fisher, a friend and also member of Localeur, who recommended it, and the truth is that it was love at first sight.

Address: 12 Academy Dr, Austin, Texas (EEUU)

A hotel with a lot of history

It is one of five remaining Victorian houses of the twelve that were built along this stretch of the Colorado river. Leslie Crockett, a descendant of Davy Crockett, and his wife Mary Ann Miller lived there for over 60 years before it became a Bed & Breakfast in the mid-nineties. It wasn’t until 2008 that Bunkhouse and Texas Liz Lambert renovated and reopened the property as Hotel Saint Cecilia.

The Hotel Saint Cecilia is located in Travis Heights, a historic neighbourhood that is a block away from the South Congress district, home to the iconic Continental Club and other hotspots such as restaurants, shops, bars, etc…

A tribute to the patron saint of music and poetry

Hotel Saint Cecilia is inspired by the great era of the late 60’s and early 70’s, when beat poetry and the rock and roll revolution took place. That’s why its new owners decided to pay tribute to the great creative legacy of their revolutionary idols like The Stones, Bill Burroughs, Anne Sexton, Hunter S. Thompson, among others… and to the artistic spirit we all possess inside.

Much more than a hotel

This hotel is full of life and details…

The pool

The crown jewel at Hotel Saint Cecilia is a 50-foot heated pool that is open exclusively for guests 24 hours a day. As if this weren’t enough, breakfasts, lunches and dinners can be booked around the pool.

The gardens

Hotel Saint Cecilia has lush green grounds accessible only to guests.

The lobby

It’s located next to the lounge, at the centre of the property, and it offers a great variety of services. It also accommodates a really interesting retail shop, that offers a selection of well curated articles such as the personalized indigo robe, the Eloi silk scarf, products by Haoma and D.S. & Durga, and an array of products by local and international artisans.

The terrace

This space offers an impressive view of the city and is perfect for organizing events.

The lounge

It is at the centre of the property and offers indoor and outdoor seating exclusively for hotel guests and the private club members. It boasts a unique collection of wines, traditional cocktails and a classic European menu directed by Martha García.

The reception

The reception at Hotel Saint Cecilia is much more than your normal hotel reception.

They are available at any time, night or day, and offer tailored recommendations that are really worth it. They go beyond the mainstream recommendations and help you to plan the perfect Austin experience.

Additionally, through their service, you can also rent guitars in partnership with Gibson, and they offer private vintage vinyl LP purchase services courtesy of Breakaway Records and bicycle hire in association with Shinola.

Music and books

Each room and suite offer Rega turntables and Geneva sound systems.

They also have a library that allows guests to borrow books during their stay, which includes anything from rock biographies to poetry anthologies by their favourite artists. You can also hire classic films.

Amenities and Minibar

As we mentioned at the beginning, at Hotel Saint Cecilia details are really important. That’s why their beds are organic and handmade by Hästens, Sweden’s most revered bedding company. And their bathrooms are equipped with custom kimono bathrobes.

All the rooms are equipped with a spa minibar full of Santa Maria Novella body care products, as well as a food and beverage minibar with a carefully selected variety of local and European products.

The rooms

There are various types of room- 5 suites, 6 poolside bungalows, 6 garden suites and 3 studios- and all of them embody an unconditional love for the elegance of the luxury of bygone times and an irreverence for their muses.

We will say no more but highly recommend you do two things: that you discover Austin if you haven’t already done so, and that you stay at this hotel. It’s something else and it really is worth it. An unbeatable location, a really good atmosphere, exceptional service and dream facilities. Oh! And it is pet-friendly (prior notice they can stay at the hotel).

(*) Horizontal photos by Nick Simonite and vertical photos by Cristina Fisher.