Color Factory: an experience inspired by the joy of color

The first Color Factory was created in 2017 in San Francisco by the artist and founder of the firm Oh Happy Day, Jordan Ferney, in collaboration with Leah Rosenberg and Erin Jang, who wanted to create significant and immersive color experiences for everyone. Following this first venture and its success – it was initially going to be exhibited for a month and was finally extended for eight months having sold out – they expanded and in August 2018, changed their location to New York in SoHo’s Hudson Square and in October 2019, they opened a new spot in Upper Kirby (Houston).

Both places have 16 unique interactive installations- colorful ball pools, spaces that experiment with luminosity, staircases full of color, rainbow dressers, pools of confetti…-, where colors are the main focus and where our perception is broadened, and they literally manage to transport us back to our childhood.

Lakwena MaciverMmuseumm, Jason PolanMolly YoungEmanuelle MoureauxKendra DandyChristine Wong YapKassia St. ClairTamara ShopsinRandi Brookman HarrisLeah Rosenberg and Erin Jang, among others are some of the outstanding collaborators in this experience.

“Thanks to paintings, photographs and stories, we will give free rein to our creativity.”

Additionally, as well as being able to enjoy the different chromatic facilities, that include a gastronomical experience, at the end of each visit, guests receive a Color Map, that is a secret map including more than 20 unique experiences hidden around the city so one can discover what color is like in their neighborhoods.

“Colors change with your emotions, as features do.” Picasso

As you will be able to see for yourselves, each space has a different intervention, and they have all become different Instagram points. You only have to take a quick look at this app to see the number of snapshots there are of these two places.

“At the Color Factory, curiosity, discovery and play form part of the experience.”

Tickets on sale here.

(*) Photos: Color Factory · Photo 2: Layersofchic · Photo 4: Houston Hotel Magazine.