Bodega Bonay: Small dishes for sharing

Casa Bonay is one of our favourite hotels in Barcelona. We’ve known them since they opened and it’s our home away from home when we visit our city.

That said, congratulations are in order because this week, they’ve launched their new project: Bodega Bonay.

“A temple to natural wine and good produce.”

After having been closed for a long while… they’re back and this time in good company. Yes! They’re back with Bodega Bonay: a wine bar with small dishes to share. Their sommelier David Amat has been responsible for curating the wine and has helped them to find real treasures hidden all over the world – a total of 150 references! And Giacomo Hassan, their chef, was responsible for creating the menu and for finding excellent produce companies in Barcelona, although there are some exceptions, such as the meat from León, among other delicacies.

So you get the idea, you are able to enjoy a delicious Russian potato salad, falafel and olives with Labneh, a terrine of “Foie de volaille”, coleslaw lacquered eel, braised jowl with bread and tomato, steak tartare, artichoke tatin or Cavatelli with “xisqueta” lamb ragout, among many other things. Mmmmm… Oh! And for dessert, you have to try the Cannoncini a la crème.

Who’s up for it?

(*) Photos: Anthony Pérez.



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