Mix Brussels is the largest all-in-one concept focused on wellbeing in Belgium

Mix Brussels is a premium concept of gym and wellbeing that combines a gym with several swimming pools, a hotel, a coworking area, a cafeteria, a bar and a wellness space. All in a functionalist architectural gem of over 21,000 sq m located next to the Soignes and that was once home to the headquarters of the Royale Belge.

Although the images help us understand the premises, the truth it is has to be experienced to appreciate the magnificence of this Brutalist space, with its excellent and exquisite design that is an ode to the good life, to beauty and to wellbeing.

Additionally, its location makes everything fall into place. It is not in the centre of Brussels but in the leafy district of Watermael-Boitsfort, next to the Tenreuken park, surrounded by lakes and fluorescent green vegetation. It’s marvellous. Here we have everything we need to relax, to enjoy the here and now, to care for ourselves inside and out, and to be able to work – if needed – while feeling inspired thanks to all the beautiful spaces set up for doing so.

Everything we need to feel really good in just one place

Mix offers exactly that. A mix of services in a space that offers multiple options dedicated to making us feel better.

With over 5,000 sq m of gym & wellness facilities, swimming pools, a flexidesk coworking  area for members, a cafeteria, a bar, an auditorium for 300 guests, 10 meeting rooms – each with their own identity- and 3 impressive halls plus a restaurant that is coming soon. As if this weren’t enough, Mix Brussels completes its offer with Wolf, a food market on the ground floor of the building that has incredible produce on offer, a lovely courtyard and an aesthetic that is also Brutalist.

All this in addition to a four-star hotel with 140 rooms and 40 suites, of about 50 sq m each, for long stays.

A collage of creatives

All these things are brought together in this architectural masterpiece signed initially by the duet formed by the French-Belgian architects Pierre Dufau and René Stapels, and further developed by the architects Peter St JohnDirk SomersDDS+ and Ma2by, and Atelier Lionel Jadot for the interiors, together with the creatives from Ateliers Zaventem.

Likewise, there is a unique combination of entrepreneurs behind this extraordinary multidisciplinary project, led by Jean Michel André of Limited Editions HotelsRené Beltjens and Gérard Becquer (Alter Domus), Eric Mestdagh (Group Mestdagh), Philippe Bonnet (Limited Editions HotelsAssurteam), Eric Jacques (Limited Editions Hotels), Corentin Poels (Crossfit DansaertCosmoliving), Thibaut Dehem (87secondsCameleonBike43), Stephane Rutte (Jeux d’HiverLoriersDavid Lloyd), Emmanuel AndriesAlexandra De Boeck and Gilles Poot Baudier.

A Brutalist-style Belgian heritage site

This famous corten steel exterior with bronze-tinted windows dates back to 1967 and was acknowledged as a Belgian heritage site in 2019. It is harmoniously set among ponds and greenery in the 8-hectareTenreuken park that surrounds it, thanks to the landscape architects Jean Delogne and Claude Rebold.

“Mix Brussels is in the cross-shaped masterpiece by René Stapels and Pierre Dufau, inspired in Eero Saarinen’s John Deere World Headquarters in Illinois.”

Mix Gym & Wellness

This space is exclusively for members and hotel guests. And it is amazing. It covers an area of over 5,000 sq m and has top class sports facilities, consisting of a large wellness centre and two 25m swimming pools – one indoor and one outdoor- and an adjoining area with 5 saunas, 2 hammams, an iced cabin, a salt cave and a jacuzzi with a cinema screen, and 6 massage booths with different spa treatments that complete this unique infrastructure at this luxury spa.

It was all designed by Lionel Jadot together with Ateliers Zaventem. That’s why the result is a unique and tailor-made Gym & Wellness centre, where there are classes ranging from yoga, stretching, body art, nocturnal yoga, self-defense, TRX, Thai boxing, meditation, Qigong, sound healing and Pilates. It is managed by a team of professional experts led by Corentin Poels, a professional swimmer, and the director and founder of Cosmoliving and CrossFit Dansaert.

As well as a high range gym that is totally equipped with Technogym fitness equipment, by the high-quality Italian fitness brand, Mix Brussels also has six sports studios for immersive group classes.

“At Mix Brussels, care, relaxation, pleasure and socialising go hand in hand, in a cosmopolitan atmosphere full of beauty and surrounded by vegetation.”

The Health & Performance Center that is a part of this area is also the first of its kind in Brussels. Physiotherapy, podiatry, osteopathy and Reformer Pilates are taught by professional experts from the renowned Uperform centre in Brussels. All the trainers are experienced paramedics that help members with prevention, rehabilitation, nutrition, sleep and prenatal and postpartum consultancy services. And they also guide and prepare all types of athletes in facing different sports challenges such as half marathons, marathons and other great endurance challenges.

Mix Brussels also offers the Cycling Studio and the Burn Studio, that includes intensive training, cardio and HIIT sessions, the Crosstraining area, the Rowing and Cycling Area and the Movement Studio, designed by Studio Elementaires, that creates the perfect stage for dancing and Les Mills practices. This studio counts on all the necessary equipment for classes such as cardio dance, barre, sculpt, dance, body pump, ballet and Abs & Booty.

Joule & Romeo

Although their own restaurant has not yet opened, they have two food spaces that they run in-house. One is Romeo, that is a very welcoming designer space that serves breakfast and offers cocktails from 18:00 onwards and tapas ,such as chips with parmesan that are amazing, or red tortilla chips with guacamole. It also has a very pleasant terrace for summer days.

Joule is a cafeteria where they prepare healthy, sustainable, plant-based dishes elaborated with seasonal, locally sourced ingredients. It is open seven days a week until 18:00.

We’ll say no more. Having experienced it first-hand, we can confirm that Mix Brussels is the definitive all-in-one. This really beautiful place that allows one to exercise, train, eat delicious food, relax, network and have fun, all under one roof and in a pastoral setting that is just a 20-minute tram ride from the centre of Brussels. Bravo!

(*) Photos by Mix Brussels.



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