Kinto, functional, beautiful objects that inspire our day to day lives

KINTO is a Japanese brand with a passion that consists of creating products that bring balance and inspiration to our every-day lives. That’s why usability and aesthetics form a perfect balance in all of their products, from their coffee and tea sets to their crockery and lifestyle accessories.

One of their core principles is aligned with those of Mindfulness. That’s why they advocate slowing down so we may feel more and contemplate the beauty of nature, so we may relax and feel more connected to our life and our loved ones.

For this reason, at KINTO they design creative, beautiful, practical, reusable, great quality products, that may be present in our life, to inspire us and to bring us satisfaction through their use.

Its history

The KINTO brand was created in 1972 thanks to its creator Hideo Koide, and they started out as crockery wholesale traders in Shiga, Japan. In time, they began to develop their own line of products with the aim of providing comfort and inspiration to every-day lives. Since 2010, their products can be found all over the world, and they have set up subsidiaries in Europe (2016) and in the US (2019). It continues to be a family business today, as Hideo Koide’s children proudly continue his legacy.

Its collections

From crockery, water bottles for travel and/ or for the gym, to decorative items such as vases, plant pots… the truth is that all their collections are developed with the aim of proposing a reflective and comfortable lifestyle. This is why their designs are minimalist, practical and elegant.

“Our products are designed to harmoniously blend into the space around us, while adding a unique touch.”

Sources of inspiration

KINTO’s team of designers are inspired by gastronomical experiences, indoor spaces, journeys and different cultures as well as other fields such as fashion.

“Often, our designs are rooted in Japanese tradition, but we interpret them so they may fit in with modern lifestyles all over the world.”

Great quality products

For KINTO, quality is a must, and one of its singularities is the integration of different materials such as glass, porcelain, stainless steel and wood. Something which has been made possible by their strong association with suppliers and artisans in Japan and abroad.

Some of its initiatives

KINTO commits to the ongoing integration of sustainable and responsible practices in their business:

1. Shipping with less carbon emissions and less plastic: Mitigating the environmental impact in the shipping of parcels. They have also changed their packaging material and have gone from using plastic to using cardboard boxes.

2. Paperless: They are replacing their paper catalogues through the use of digital technology.

3. High quality standards and manufacturing responsibility: All their products are made with high quality materials that are obtained responsibly, safe and BPA free.

4. Supporting diversity and inclusion: KINTO products are distributed all over the world. The members of its team represent multiple nationalities, ages, genders and sexual orientations, academic levels and professional careers. They commit to creating an environment where everyone’s creativity and experience is valued, and where equal opportunities are a reality.

Where you can buy KINTO products

As well as purchasing them via their website, KINTO products can be found in hotels such as the Michelberger in Berlin, in cafés such as the Workshop Coffee in London, restaurants and in shops all over the world such as Tokyobike.

“[Aichaku] means a feeling of affinity. This Japanese word describes the sense of attachment that human beings can come to feel for an object.”




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