Galería Comercial, the concept store by the creators of Sala de Despiece

Discovering places like this helps us to make our peace with the city, in the sense that we love the fact that there are people who take risks and back ideas that go the extra mile beyond what’s considered “traditional”.

That’s why we want to talk to you today about Galería Comercial, the concept store by Sala de Despiece.

Contact: 683 57 69 64
Address: C/ Virgen de los Peligros, 8 (Madrid)
Hours: Tuesday: from 12 to 16:30 h. & from 17:30 to 23 h. Wednesday to Saturday: from 11 to 23 h. Sunday: from 11 to 17:30 h. & from 18:30 to 23 h.

In the very heart of Madrid and right next to the premises of Sala de Despiece at number 8 on Calle Virgen de los Peligros, we can find this incomparable shop, where gastronomy, design and art converge in the interest of creativity.

Here we find unique pieces that they have created or produced in collaboration with other artists, in an exceptional space created from real cold storage units that act as display cases.

A clothes shop, an art gallery and an everchanging installation

This project broadens the Sala de Despiece brand experience, and they chose to call it Galería Comercial (Shopping arcade) to recover the generic term for commercial spaces that are beginning to disappear from Madrid’s map.

Its interior design stands out, among its peculiarities, which as we mentioned consists of real refrigerators, where the items on sale are displayed as if they were food. And we would also highlight the excellent curating of everything they sell. For them, the mantra “less is more” is essential and they have avoided flooding their shelves with objects in an attempt to generate an impulse to buy.

“We appeal to the Japanese tradition of the experience with a narrative in which the aim is to give each product its own rightful place.”

A space created by Luis Úrculo

Luis Úrculo, from the Niños Héroes studio, has created an exceptional location, that seeks to extend the language that was already initiated in the Sala de Despiece spaces, but creating its own identity structure.

“Sala de Despiece and Galería Comercial are connected yet independent.”

The interesting thing is that they have managed to create a unique spot in a limited space, where nothing is what it seems and where there is a constant hint of the unexpected.

In addition, Galería Comercial is made up of two spaces: the display, a cold metallic box like a giant food tin and the shop, based on a conceptual module which is the fridge.

The display tries to mimic the front of the neighbouring restaurant, which is why it is covered with a metal corrugated sheet that acts as a dynamic curtain and a stage for the items on sale. And inside is the shop where each of the doors to the display cases/ refrigerators has a double function: to display the products and to act as a platform for the visual creations of the artists that work closely with Galería Comercial.

This is also where we can find the main item of furniture, a massive piece made of transparent acrylic and a neon light box that replicates an industrial structure at its base and creates a perimetral movement around the products.

Design, design and more design

As we mentioned at the start, we love to see how the city increasingly backs design and creativity, and that is something that can be seen above all in the new openings of establishments that are giving Madrid a component to make it even greater still.

Hence, design pieces are exhibited and sold at Galería Comercial, always with an open line to collaborations with different artists.

Currently, there are products related to SDD, such as caps, organic cotton sweatshirts in the boxes made of polystyrene used in the restaurant’s ceilings or limited-edition T-shirts, as well as recycled oil T-bone steak soap which is infused with the aroma of red wine. Yet you can also have a cold brew espresso here– served with ice – after a meal at SDD2, you can buy a plate identical to the crockery used at the SDD and SDD2 restaurants, as well as the white aprons, the kitchen blow torches and even the tongs used by the team to give their dishes a finishing touch before the clients. We can tell you now, you will want to take it all.

“The products that are sold rotate and they will soon be available for purchase on an online platform.”

A future full of art

Little by little and with the aspiration of consolidating their presence as a reference in the centre of Madrid,Galería Comercial will also function as an art gallery for different artists that will exhibit their work here or that will create exclusive collections together with the SDD team. Antoni Miralda is a good example, a participative art icon, creator of the Food Cultura Museum in the nineties in Barcelona and of the “food as culture” concept, that promises to be the artist to launch the first exhibition.

Watch this space because this place will become the talk of the town…



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