SATTA: garments and objects for a sustainable and balanced life

Contact: @studio.satta
Address: C/ Trafalgar, 47 (Barcelona)
Hours: De lunes a sábados de 12 a 19 h.

Satta means existence, being, spirit in Sanskrit. So it’s not a coincidence that this was the brand name chosen to convey its values and lifestyle.

This is why SATTA creates products inspired by nature and a holistic approach, both for body and mind, always with the aim of aligning the two and in favour of a simple life connected with natural products.

That’s why they produce on a small scale, using natural and sustainable materials, remaining true to their principles:

  1. To make objects that provide simplicity, functionality and that defend sustainability.
  2. To pass on our spirit to the community that inspires us.
  3. To facilitate the ritual and the ability to reconnect with ourselves, with nature and the world around us.

Joe Lauder, SATTA’s creative director, was a garden and landscape designer, and for some time he built urban gardens in London. His passion for working with wood and other natural materials one day led him to decide to create a design workshop/studio in Brixton, in Southwest London, and it was right there that this great project was born.

“SATTA is the union of all the aspects that make up my life: the people around me, the circles I move in and the cultures I experience; they are also my personal passions and my love for plants and natural materials. SATTA is the result of this coherent fusion.”

Out of SATTA’s product portfolio, its modern clothing items stand out, with clear reminiscence of Earth and what is “natural”, as does the timeless workwear; and their “Lifestyle goods”, where we can find anything from ceramics, books on art and photography and gardening tools to a carefully selected choice of plants or handcrafted and sustainable incense products from all over the world, that invite us to perform a ritual of connection and balance. They’re great!

Its studio and shop are in Barcelona, close to Arco de Triunfo, and to be honest it’s a wonderful space that exudes good taste and wellbeing. Somewhere you’d like to stay and live! Additionally, even though they haven’t been there long – they only opened in October 2020- the shop also hosts talks, workshops and exhibitions to continue to convey their values and to build a community that defends them.

A genuine stand for sustainable design at all levels. Bravo!

(*) Photos: Salva López.