Archive 1999 – 2023, the first and much awaited book by Sofia Coppola

Archive is the first book by filmmaker Sofia Coppola. It is published by MACK Books and covers the whole of her unique and influential filming career.

As you will see for yourselves, this luxurious volume reflects one of the most unmistakable and defining film works of the 21st century. It’s a real gem for collectors.

Created from a personal collection of ephemeral objects and photographs of Coppola’s, this much awaited book includes her first works, collages, references, screenplays, unprecedented details about her work process, hundreds of images such as snaps of Jacob Elordi or Corinne Day, and very personal texts such as the extensive interview with Lynn Hirschberg, the acclaimed film journalist and general editor of W. magazine, as well as a lot of behind the scene documents.

¡A dream for followers and admirers!

“I typically use my Contax T3 camera, I love it! And I’m used to take pictures with the Kodak Portra film.”

A detailed account of her eight films to date

The book is beautiful in terms of design – Joseph Logan and Anamaría Morris were responsible for the design, although it was edited and reviewed by the filmmaker herself – and, of course, includes all her films. From “The Virgin Suicides” (1999), as well as “Lost in Translation” (2003),“Somewhere”( 2010) to “The Beguiled” (2017).

This great book even include her next feature film “Priscilla” (2023), that explores Priscilla Presleys first years at Graceland.

It will be released this autumn and we are dying to see it! The soundtrack is by her partner Thomas Mars, lead singer of the French band Phoenix.

Searching through her chest of memories…

Curiously, ever since she began in cinema, every time Sofia Coppola finishes a film, she puts all the elements related to that film in a box. And thanks to that collection of valuable and unpublished documents, this tribute book was able to see the light for those enthusiasts of this American actress, producer, scriptwriter and director, the 2003 Oscar winner for “Best Original Screenplay” for “Lost in Translation”, as well as the third woman in history to be nominated for “Best Director” by the Oscar Academy.

So although it may be hard to believe, she has come to collect more than 12 boxes with all kinds of mementos from her films! And she has kept these for years in her family home in Napa, California.

As you will see, the great nostalgic value of Archive is frosting on the cake for her loyal followers, which we consider ourselves to be, as there are some marvellous details. So it is an extraordinary visual account – made up of 488 pages- in full colour that narrates the whole career of one of the most influential filmmakers of our time.

“This book is like the closest version of visiting my office and seeing all the stuff piled up around my desk.”

“For Lost in Translation I spent a year trying to track down Bill Murray and I wrote him so many letters saying: I’m not gonna make the movie if you don’t do it!”

A unique opportunity to appreciate the genius behind her film making.

(*) Photos provided by MACK Books. Archive (2023) by Sofia Coppola published by MACK. Quotes by Sofia Coppola.



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