Artistic bread by the stylist and photographer Linda Ring

The Swedish stylist and photographer Linda Ring, who worked at the Bukowski Auction chamber, one of the main auction houses in Europe, was always interested in photography and art, and she began to bake her own gluten free bread for her family without a second thought.

However, it was her social media – she currently has more than 25 followers – that “catapulted” her lovely and delicious creations to fame.

But what is so special about Linda Ring’s bread?

As you can see, her peculiarity lies in the fact that she uses her bread as a canvas, and she humanizes them with mysterious faces in a very Picasso like style.

A very interesting individual universe, that offers a completely new aesthetic identity.

Additionally, Linda elaborates the bread following a traditional artisan process and uses flour that is ground in a local mill on the outskirts of Stockholm.

“Bread is the essence of every day life.”

(*) Photos: Mikael Lundblad, Kathrin Koschitzki, Linda Ring, Matthias Ring.



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