The coveted Stikki Peaches collage creations

Stikki Peaches  is one of our favourite contemporary artists. He started out as an anonymous street artist who was known for the slogan “What if art ruled the world?” and his work is currently appreciated by art lovers and can be found in galleries and private collections in the United States, Europe and Canada, as well as on the walls of some of the busiest cities around the world such as Paris, London, Berlin, Stockholm, New York or his hometown, Montreal, among others.

“What if art ruled the world?”

His individual style is halfway between street art and pop art, and his work combines different techniques such as acrylic painting, collage, décollage and screen printing, as well as references to popular culture, punk symbols and tattoo art.

“My style is rooted in the spirit of reusing and recycling, where endless techniques combine to represent the most influential figures from my childhood.”

As you will be able to see for yourselves, his creations are full of vibrant colours and details, that invite you to pause and delve into them. They also invite us to contemplate the effect and importance of art in itself. His ultimate intention is to democratize it. That´s why he decided to take his art to the streets, to distance it from the elitism and the impenetrability that are often associated to the world of contemporary art.

Stikki Peaches is from Montreal, Canada. His father is a tailor, and his mother is a designer, and maybe this is why his creative beginning was aimed at fashion design, an industry that has influenced him greatly. From a young age, he was surrounded by sketches and print patterns that he collected fervently and to which he gave new life by rearranging them and transforming them with paints and pencils.

“By being surrounded by endless amounts of patterns, storyboards, colour palettes, I took advantage of all those scraps of paper and rejected sketches and turned them into something else by painting or colouring them. My art emerges from those memories and the nostalgia for the pop culture of the 80s and 90s.”

Another of the undeniable elements in his striking compositions is that they feature legendary celebrities: musicians, political leaders, cultural icons, models… And some of his musts are Batman, Kate Moss, Frida Kahlo, Mozart – in 2016, his piece called MO.Z. was selected to decorate the first edition of the Romeo Gin bottles – or Elvis Presley. He brings a new attitude and a new profile  to them all through his wonderful aesthetic universe.

“Art is my escape; an outlet that allows me to move away from what hinders my growth and expands my potential as both an artist and a person.”

We’ll say no more and invite you to follow him on his Instagram acount so you can follow his new work and exhibitions.

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