New hotspots in Madrid

Madrid never stands still and new businesses arise every day offering fantastic proposals so we can enjoy them to the fullest. This is why I’m revealing some of the ones we’ve most liked. Enjoy!

  • Religion Speciality Coffee

This newest café has become one of our favourites. It’s in a street called Maria de Molina /Street and it offers excellent, healthy breakfasts such as the now famous Blue latte made from spirulina.

What we most like about Religion, of course, is its delicious coffee- one of the best Americans I have tasted in Madrid -, its “Australian style” brunch, which includes sweet or savoury porridge, bowls of quinoa or banana pancakes, and its fantastic vegan Religion’s Burger. Mmmm… And what of the sweet part? We would say that any of their delicious cakes stand out, but above all the vegan cheesecake.

As you’ll be able to check out, their menu is very extensive and there are many breakfast, lunch, late afternoon snacks and early dinner options. All is healthy and yummy.

C/ María de Molina, 24

  • Acid Café

This other café has recently opened its doors and it drives me pretty crazy. It’s well worth it to visit the arts district to sample its excellent speciality coffee, as well as the homemade pastries – their cinnamon rolls drive me nuts! –. Their brunch are awesome and also their French toasts! And if you’re freelance and you like going from one café to another, you should know they have Wi-Fi and a nice work area while you drink your tasty cup of coffee.

C/ Verónica, 9

  • Ginkgo Sky Bar

It has just landed in the capital and has already become a must for Madrid’s inhabitants as well as tourists. Ginkgo has it all: a spectacular terrace, good views, an excellent cocktail bar, an impressive swimming pool, DJs that liven up every night and a restaurant with head chef Manuel Martínez, who offers up delicious Mediterranean dishes as well those of Asian influence. Our favourite treats are the fried artichokes, chicken gyozas, Tuna with broken eggs ‘Lucio’ style with rice from the Delta of the Ebro river, oxtail terrine and foie with vegetable fries, beef sirloin tataki, and the black/stout beer and the grand finale chocolate cake.

With regards to its cocktails we can only say that they are spectacular and concocted by barmen who have worked in London’s best bars and beyond. One of our favourites are“La sonrisa de Charlize”.

The decoration of the space refers back to London and New York and has been carried out by Studio Gronda, who have created a cool rooftop which turns out to be ideal to disconnect from the mundane noises while you shelter yourself in this urban oasis.

Plaza España, 3

  • Picalagartos Sky bar

This is one of Madrid’s most fashionable terraces. You can find it in the Hotel NH Collection Gran Vía hotel along with its spectacular views. It has a restaurant on the eighth floor where the 360º views from the rooftop show you Madrid’s most emblematic skyline.

The restaurant is a balcony over the Gran Via and there are various terraces and a bar as well as the Cardhu Scotch House, a bar specializing in the best malt whiskeys and other Scottish blends. The kitchen is not to be ignored as its head chef is Javier Muñoz-Calero, who pays tribute to Spanish gastronomy and to seasonal products – and the 8th floor terraces offer a wide range of dishes based around preserves, cured products, charcuterie and a wide range of hortcultural products, as well as grilled meats and fish cooked in a special oven; and on the rooftop of the Picalagartos it is impossible to ignore a rich array of small dishes derived from the main menu -. On the ninth floor of the hotel we can see the rooftop, where we find the exclusive Tanqueray Sky Garden, designed by Lulú Figueroa and Isabelle Junot; an ideal place to enjoy the delicious cocktails.

Gran Via, 21

  • La Raquetista

This small tavern is next to the Parque de El Retiro, and specializes in a culinary supply of market products both revisited traditional and seasonal culinary products . They always give precedence to seasonal vegetables, wild mushrooms and fish or wild meats.

Their chef is Javier Aparicio, who has created his own a la carte selection which changes seasonally, and in which signature dishes which vary, as do the seasons and in which we can find various dishes with chick peas and black butifarra sausage, chanterelles and foie – my favourite dish! -, the Norwegian salmon demi-cuit with five spices or the cheek lasagne.

It’s also worth mentioning their wine cellar, which has good references as well as a wide range of options. Ideal for friends who are foodies.

C/ Doctor Castelo, 19

  • Tres por cuatro

Chef Alex Marugán and his partner Jesús Encinas are the authors of this small restaurant in the Torrijos market, in Goya’s neighbourhood. In spite of the fact that they have a limited menu, each and every one of their dishes are exceptional. In fact, each season alters the menú in order to use seasonal products and thus surprising the great quantity of loyal clients who pilgrimage to sink their teeth into their delicacies such as the ray fideuá and “sobrasada” and on top of this the exquisite cheesecake – the best we’ve ever tried -.

The restaurant has four tables for two dinners each inside and another four outside for four dinners. If you want to make sure you get a table it’s best to reserve previously as it’s usually full.

C/ Hermosilla, 82

(*) Cover photo: Alexis Azabache from Pexels.



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