La Lepet: designer candles made with ecological soy and natural oils

This week, while we were working in Barcelona, we discovered these original candles. They are called La Lepet and are handmade by their creator, Anastasiia Kazakova, a candle lover for many years, who recently decided to create her own, from her own mix of ecological soy wax, wooden wick and natural oils, without additional chemically stabilizing components. Also, needless to say, they are 100% safe.

“I decided to create not only perfumed candles but also emotional collections. Because our deepest memories are often related to our sense of smell…”

As you can see in the images, each candle is a unique piece. Anastasiia is the person responsible for the whole creation. From the production to the graphic images. And the packaging is beautiful. Each one is polished by hand and, after using the candle, it can be reused and given a second life as a plant pot, a jewellery box or whatever we want.

Which is your favourite?

They are available in two sizes:

Square: 10x10x11 – approx.. 980 gr / 200 gr wax – duration: more than 50 hours.

Round: 10x10x10 – approx.. 520 gr / 180 gr wax – duration: more than 45 hours.

“I only use local, natural, environmentally friendly products.”

la lepet coming soon from Anastasia Kazakova on Vimeo.



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