Herself, a film by Phyllida Lloyd

This week, we attended the press pass for “Herself”, the third and latest full-length film by the British director Phyllida Lloyd, acclaimed world-wide for the musical comedy “Mamma mia” and for the biopic about Margaret Thatcher “The Iron Lady”, for which Meryl Streep won her third Oscar. A film that we warn you will affect you and move you due to its heartbreaking story, but it’s a must watch.

Following its great reception at the Sundance Festival and at the San Sebastián Film Festival, this family drama is one of the most awaited British films of the year, and will arrive at cinemas thanks to Caramel Films and Youplanet Pictures. It was produced by Element Pictures, responsible for films such as The Favourite by Yorgos Lanthimos, and absolutely all the actors are incredible in it. Above all, Clare Dunne, who as well as being the main character, is the person who wrote this story together with Malcom Campbell.

“Herself” talks about the life of Sandra (Clare Dunne), a young mother who suffers domestic abuse from her partner, with whom she has two girls, and who due to terrible circumstances, tries hard to provide a warm, safe and happy home in which to bring up her little girls. And that’s as much as we can say…

We liked it a lot and it really moved us. We would have chosen a different soundtrack, as the one they picked felt imposed and on more than one occasion, took us away from the story, but the rest makes up for it. Really good acting, as we said before, a true and necessary story that stirs the viewer but helps to understand even more the hell that domestic abuse victims must go through, as well as being a call to solidarity with an ancient Irish concept that is summed up in one word: meitheal, and that encourages social cooperation, for us to help each other. Something essential in this increasingly self-centred world of madness.

Now in cinemas.

(*) Photos provided by Caramel Films.



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