Greetings from Javier Jaén studio by Counter Print Books

We are big fans of Counter Print Books and we have a few of them in our collection, real gems. Of course, we couldn’t overlook Javier Jaén’s beautiful book. He is a designer we have admired for some time and whose career we follow closely.

For those of you who don’t know him yet, we can tell you Javier Jaén is considered by many to be a visual poet and a graphic artist. He has focused his professional activity mainly on press illustration, book cover design and communication.

Greetings from Javier Jaén Studio is a monographic book that encompasses all his work, characterized by a special visual language that is symbolic, ironic and humorous. Many of them are collaborations for the media such as The New York Times, El País, The New Yorker or The Washington Post, and for clients such as National Geographic, Greenpeace or the Centro Dramático Nacional, among many others.

“I often use humour as an antidote. It helps me to digest reality and transform frustration. Humour has an antagonistic relationship with power, it reminds us that nothing really matters.”

The book is fully illustrated with hundreds of coloured images, it also shows his work method, his thought process, as well as the resulting art produced by one of the most fertile minds in the creative world. And, as if this wasn’t enough, it also includes some tips, case studies, where he demonstrates both his successes and his failures, and a sheet with transfers of many of the artist’s iconic designs.

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GREETINGS FROM JAVIER JAÉN from Javier Jaén on Vimeo.

Price:  £35

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