Gems from Donald Trump by way of prophecies in fortune cookies

This photographic action, for want of a better word, fascinates us.

Can you imagine a fortune cookie that contains messages with the terrible gems that come out of Mr. Trump’s mouth? Well, that was the motivation for the digital and gastronomical artist Henry Hargreaves, originally from New Zealand but who now lives in New York, who through these snaps has intended to recreate the absurd and surrealist messages directed by the former president to his audience.

And the thing is that, although he took time to try to scrutinize those chilling messages in an attempt to shed some light… he realized that no, that this gentleman is profoundly self-centred and that it was that arrogance that moved him to spurt out these gems which for his followers are pure wisdom. In a nutshell, without meaning to, he began to associate Trump’s more than questionable phrases with the sometimes not so fortunate ones in fortune cookies and Voilà! Following this curious connection, he decided to develop his “Fortune of a Nation” series. An ingenious collection of photographs with a “pop” feel, in which the famous fortune cookies appear- although they seem to be of Chinese origin, they are in fact an American invention. Specifically, Hargreaves discovered that its origins can be traced back to Japanese communities locked up by the Unites States in camps after the Second World War – and Trump’s terrible advice/ tweets.

Henry Hargreaves’ initial idea was to hold an exhibition with a curator about fortune cookies, with the intention of discussing hope in these times of uncertainty, in which these cookies continue to be produced en masse for consumers who don’t look for that more profound message of hope and wisdom but, instead, try to give a fun touch to the end of a meal.

However, the exhibition kept being put off until he eventually decided to launch his own project alone, in which he decided to use photography as a tool for humoristic political activism, something he has been developing in recent years.

(*) Cover photo: Javier Jaén. Fortune cookie photos: Henry Hargreaves.



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