Gastro-cultural route through Barcelona

Barcelona has thousands of very interesting cultural and gastronomic activities, and moreover, there is a constant flow of trendy new places to visit. This is why, and in response to many of you who always enquire, here is our ultra-gastro-cultural route through Barcelona.

Where to eat:

  • Caravelle: this one is in el Raval and is perfect for brunch. They specialize in tacos, smoked meat and specialized coffees, but they also serve exquisite veggie plates. Ah! And their own beer!
  • The Green Spot: my personal favourite for many reasons. Above all because their cuisine is excellent and because they know how to combine creativity with healthy dishes in a beautiful designer setting. It is also next to the beach and sooner or later /before or afterwards you feel like taking a seaside stroll.
  • Xemei: Venetian cuisine which leaves you with your mouth open. The Xemei is there to give you a real treat. It’s a 10, which hasn’t stopped receiving compliments since it opened. It’s a whole experience for the senses.
  • Bohl: if you want to eat healthily and well, really well, you have chosen the right place!  I usually go at least once, but after tasting their breakfasts, my visits have doubled.
  • Frankie Gallo Cha Cha Cha: you will feel that you’re in New York’s China Town or in a secret find in a big city. This place is a great experience and what a delight! Its pizzas and the rest of dishes are great to share. You’ll love it!
  • Bistrot Levante: you’ll find the best hummus in Barcelona in Bistrot Levante. And no, I´m not exaggerating. As soon as you taste it, you’ll not only think I’m right but you’ll order another portion. Mmm…It is next to Plaza de Sant Felip Neri and to the first Satan’s Coffee Corner. It’s the perfect opportunity to wander through the streets and get lost in the Gothic area, before or after our tummies are full.
  • La Mundana: the best spicy potatoes of my life! Two ingots of potato with brava sauce and two-coloured mayonnaise can drive your taste buds crazy. Hey, and while you’re there take advantage and try the rest of their menu which is just as good as this traditional dish.
  • Flax&Kale: I’m really hoping that this place comes to Madrid….and apparently it won’t take long. I like everything about this place. They are the same as places by Teresa Carles (Teresa Carles’ place) they offer a very extensive flexitarian food. My path to perdition? Their breakfasts and desserts. The Pink Lady and the Moskito are two delicious works of art and they’re super delicious!  

Where to drink a vermouth:

  • El Villa: Vermouth hour is my favourite and here it’s a real treat. Vermouth, olives, potatoes, anchovies and a bit of cheese to boot! This stop in the boxes is more than necessary hahaha.

Where to have a good coffee:

  • Nomad Coffee: the king of specialized coffeeIf you love filter coffee you will be able to enjoy it to the max. They have two head offices/branches. One in el Raval and another in Passatge Sert.
  • Three Marks Coffee: I love this place. And not only because of its excellent coffee but also due to their breakfasts. Their bowl of acai or granola are spectacular.


Buried treasures:

If what you’re looking for is something singular for someone else or for yourselves, any of these places will not only help you get it right but they will also inspire you:

  • Les Eines: objects for furniture and decor.
  • Nostàlgic: cameras and accessories.
  • Miss Kleckley: fashion and manicure. This shop is crazy!
  • Chandal: temple of good taste. Magazines, designer objects, cameras, art, etc…
  • Carolina Blue: you will feel that you are in a reduced Toscan/Tuscan space of pure style. American Vintage clothes, among other brands, ceramics of Lava Objects, natural creams, home textiles…

Where to get a sweet treat:

  • Niji mochis: if like me you’re a fan of mochis, you can’t pass up Niji mochis. Barcelona’s best mochis and beyond! The best thing is that now they can be found in the Gourmet Club at El Corte Inglés in Callao. Hurray!
  • Takashi ochiai: favourite bakery ever. Especially for its croissants of té marcha. Although I warn you that once you step inside, you’ll go crazy over so much deliciousness. I’m drooling already!

Where to see art to be remembered:

Barcelona is full of places to see it:

Where to stay:

  • Casa Bonay: Barcelona is full of numerous hotels catering for all manner of tastes but my favourite has to be Casa Bonay. And no, they don’t sponsor us. Our thing with this hotel was love at first sight. It’s not only the constant feeling that you’re not in a hotel but also the staff, the décor of common areas, the rooms, the services they offer and the building itself.  Here they make you feel as if you’re in a real home. They also have a Satan’s Coffee, the Libertine’s restaurant and the new King Kong Lady, as well as the micro Blackie Books bookshop. And, its terrace is ideal to disconnect under the sun and get away from everything. A Must!

Where to disconnect:

  • YesWhatNails: if you want a creative manicure, Violetta is genius! She makes your nails a canvas and does real wonders.
  • Suara Store: Whether you like fashion or you like cats or both, this place merits a visit. You’ll find Street wear clothing in the shop with images of cats and astounding messages, and they have a cat café upstairs, where having made a reservation you can be with the cats they have given shelter to. On top of this, if you decide to adopt a cat, they will give you all the advice you need, just as giving you the chance to become a member donating between 1 to 20€ (you choose) to help the homeless street kitties to be cured and adopted by a family that really loves them.

(*) Cover photo: Ovidio Rey en Pexels.



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