Do you feel the FOMO?

Let’s start at the beginning…

FOMO is the acronym for the English expression “Fear Of Missing Out” which means just that, the fear of being left out or missing something important.

In other words, a term that describes the anxiety produced by the feeling that you may be missing out on something or of being excluded from an event. This implies the need to be constantly connected to the Internet and checking social media, emails or Whatsapp compulsively. It rings a bell, right?

Because, unfortunately, we are all suffering from it, to a greater or lesser extent, but all is not lost. Being aware of it is the first step to breaking this cycle, which is caused by society where social media plays a very important role and even presents itself as an extension of our lives.

That’s why we would like to suggest some tips to recover easily from this syndrome and, as they say in Trainspotting, Choose life!

Gain a higher level of awareness. That is to say, reflect and ask yourself: Do you really believe that those who are always updating their status and posting photos on social media are having a better time than you are? Or What is the point of wasting all that energy thinking about everyone else when, if you really want to improve your life or make changes, you need to give it your all? Also, think that, generally speaking, we tend to only share “the good stuff” and we all, I repeat all, have problems in spite of appearances. No one’s life is perfect no matter how much it may appear to be, and to be trapped in that thought, will only feed the FOMO further.

Boycott yourself. Yes, yes, if you can’t do it naturally: set yourself limits and control your daily time online by putting your phone in flight mode, switching it off or practicing the Pommodoro Method that consists of establishing priorities and devoting time to what is important.

Think about everything you would like to change in your life and Act on it! Instead of always having your eye on everyone else, why don’t you ask yourself: What can I do to change this or that aspect of my life? Write it down and take action! Your life is yours alone and being able to make the possible changes that you wish to make is solely down to you.

Keep “real” relationships with whoever interests you and adds value to your life.  That means moving from online encounters to those in person. And with those friendships that are long distance, hold videocalls or phone each other. True friendships require time and more of an effort than just Whatsapp conversations or messages on Stories and when you see each other and have closer contact, it is easier to convey emotions and to empathise.

Pace your presence online We’ll say it again: real life isn’t online.

Live life. Go outside, do things you enjoy, breathe fresh air, give your eyes the gift of disconnecting, rest, spend time with friends and family, meditate, practise sport and be grateful for all the good things in your life. When we focus on the life of others… we do not notice everything good in our own lives, as we are constantly comparing ourselves the grass will always be greener…. Which means that, by doing so, we will always see others as the winners and ourselves as the losers.

This may all seem obvious but it is complex to put into practice for those that are immerse in this state of praise for everyone else at the expense of our own. So it is important to stop, to think about what is important and to learn to live with all these digital containers without their taking our time and energy and their becoming the triggers of our dissatisfaction.

Food for thought.

(*) Photo: Prateek Katyal from Pexels.



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