Delicious restaurants in Madrid and Barcelona with Home delivery

Although we are still immersed in this pandemic, a good option to continue backing restaurants, although they’ve had to close for several weeks in places like Barcelona, is to order home delivery or using their take away service. This is why we want to recommend our favourites in Madrid and Barcelona so you can enjoy them from home.


Our favourite Japanese restaurant in Madrid Everything tastes incredible and at a very good price.

La Tasquita de Enfrente

The “tasquita” (the little tavern) is one of those places that, once you discover it, you automatically adore it. Not only has it been ready for anything for over two decades, offering excellent award-winning cuisine admired by the faithful that won’t miss the chance to spoil themselves but it is also managed by Juanjo, a special well natured being, affectionate, passionate about his work and unfailingly earnest, in spite of everything. Having said this, the good thing is that although we are in the situation we are in, the “Tasquita” is still standing strong and can now come to your home. You only have to place your order via their website or at this telephone number: +34 915325449. This means you can enjoy some “Gaona” beef tripe, a tribute to Gaona, Juanjo’s father whose recipe is over 50 years’ old, or his famous Russian potato salad and also, his delicious meatballs made with beef and Iberian pork with a stew sauce. Top marks!


The Arzábal group’s Japanese is available for home delivery and allows you to pick up your order if you live nearby or if they are unable to deliver to your address. They have different very interesting menus and of course, you can choose individual dishes from their menu. Quality and flavour are guaranteed.


During this lockdown, we will be able to enjoy the hugely famous Arzábal croquettes and other delicacies such as rice with wild mushrooms and truffle, the Russian potato salad with tuna loin meat or baked octopus with “Revoltosa” sauce. Yum…

El Lagar de Gofio

Aida González and Safe Cruz (Gofio, One Michelin starred and Cuerno Cabra, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) have launched El Lagar, Canary Island cuisine with the Gofio Madrid seal but to eat at home. Its proposition includes dishes as delicious as chicken croquettes ‘with everything’, rabbit dumplings with injected “salmorejo” or the Majorero cheesecake with paprika and we are told that both the wines and the dishes will be Dynamic and will change so that there will be a new surprise every day.

À Gogó by Chifa

We are big fans of Chifa, so we are happy that they have been able to reopen with their new home delivery service. We want to highlight from their menú, the marinated sea bass ceviche, octupus and scallop, the chaufa rice with free range chicken, prawns and fried banana or the Thai red curry with grilled meats. It’s all delicious!

La ancha

The Armando escalope is nothing but a legend* and from today, 1st May 2020, we will be able to enjoy it and the delicious omelettes from La ancha thanks to its home delivery service.

Casa Dani

The hugely famous Spanish omelettes from Casa Dani can be enjoyed from home, while the lockdown lasts. You can have them with or without onion and you can also order “pinchos” or add some side dishes. Delicious!


Here you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner as well as doing these all at home thanks to their home delivery or take away service in the restaurant. Everything is really good. Specially, their truffled gnochis with oxtail, their hummus, their home made Dim Sum or their hung Steak tartare, among many other dishes.


If you have a craving for really good rice, Berlanga is always our best option. They nail the Valencian paella as well as the rest of their rice dishes. A brilliant idea to enjoy in the warmth of your own home.

Armando Escalope

As well as their iconic beef escalope, they also have chicken, grouper, potato omelettes, sweet juicy meatballs, croquettes or artichokes and ham. Oh! And their legendary Fismuler cheesecake for a happy ending.


Popota icecreams are our favourites in Madrid and you can enjoy them at home. Additionally, they will soon provide home delivery of one of their most delicious new offers, croissant “churros” with hot chocolate… Yummy…

Senza Glutine by Grosso Napoletano

This is the first 100% gluten free Neapolitan pizzeria in Spain. Grosso Napoletano has proved yet again that it is one of the top 10 home made pizza chains in Europe according to 50 Top Pizza. That’s why they have reproduced the original menu of this restaurant that is a go to in Neapolitan pizzas but using only ingredients suitable for people with celiac disease. They have just opened on Fernando VI, but already have takeaway and a home delivery service.


Delicious falafel, hummus and Argentinian traditionally grilled meats. Here Israel and Argentina come together to offer you incredible dishes y Argentinian chargrill.

Chuka Ramen Bar

Chuka has our favourite bao buns. As well as the best ramen. Have you tried it yet?

Pum Pum Café

They have the best croissants in Madrid and their online shop allows you to order anything from bread, bakery, foccacias, Hola Coffee roast, Fritzcola, home made marmalade or Minor Figures Oat milk, among other delicacies. It arrives at your door in great packaging.

BARCELONA (click on each name to Access their online platform):

Masala 73

Masala 73 is a curry bar, captained by Jordi Aros and Kuldeep Singh’s know- how, that began in a food truck. It’s famous for its curries and its exquisite Tikka Masala chicken with basmati rice or naan (indian sourdough bread that is hand made Daily). A must in the Ciudad Condal!

Little Fern

Here is where we always enjoy the best breakfasts. Everything is made with love and thr result is always excellent. They now have a takeaway option available from 9-17h.

Les Filles

Luckily, and in spite of the situation, we can order  delicious and healthy dishes from Les Filles to take away. You can order online or by phone on this number: 937 879 969. You can also send Glovo.

Palo Cortao

This is one of the best in Poble Sec. You can eat a hearty meal at Palo Cortao. From pressed meats from Cadiz, Iberian ham cut to order, air- dried salted beef, white shrimp from Huelva… is your mouth watering? For their home delivery offer, they have selected some of their traditional dishes, desserts and wines such as the “Soleá” Russian potato salad, the “Casa Manteca” style pressed meats from Cadiz, their red tuna tataki with tempura, teriyaki, ajoblanco cream and kiwi or their grilled octopus with “Santa Pau” bean stew and Canary Island mojo sauce.

Their delivery times are Fridays from 19.00 to 22.30h. Saturdays from 13.00-16.00 and 19.00 – 22.30 and Sundays 13.00-16.00. Telephone number: 931 889 067 (mínimum order: 35 €). You can see their menu on Instagram.

Can Pizza

They are offering their tasty pizzas through the Deliveroo app. Have you tried them yet?

Frankie Gallo Cha Cha

At Frankie Gallo Cha Cha they promote Italian and Spanish artisan food producers who distill, mature, cure, soak, rest, ferment and produce raw materials following natural and traditional methods. That’s why their pizzas are the result of a laborious process in which they use stone ground flour, sourdough yeast and resting times of up to 72 hours. And now, they deliver it to your doorstep!

Mano Rota

Another of our favourites is this other restaurant in Poble Sec, which is also available for delivery. Here you can eat from turkey Nuggets marinated in kochujang and Five Spices with honey mustard sauce, fried squid bao, wasabi mayonnaise, turnip and carrot or their tasty yellow chicken curry, basmati rice, tomatoes, herb salad and mango chutney, amongst other delicacies. It’s available through Glovo. Highly recommendable!


Their daily brunch is exquisite and they have vegetarian options. But in order to return to the “new normal” they have created superkits with burgers and tacos for us to prepare at home. For the burgers, we can choose between large, small, vegetarian or vegan and for the tacos we have roast chicken, pork meat and vegan barbecue to choose between.

They all include exclusive pickles and home made sauces. And if you like beer, the Caravelle Brewery ones are really tasty! As there is a limited number of orders, the cutoff is on Thursday at midday so they can deliver Friday afternoon.

Phone number: 933 179 892.

Bistrot Levante

The best hummus in Barcelona and beyond is the one made at Bistrot Levante. And now you can enjoy it from your own home together with their other delicacies. You can place your orders from 10:30 to 16:30 h. And from 19:30 to 23:30 h.

Sartoria Panatieri

You can eat heartily here. All their dishes are cooked with local ecological produce. Any of their vegetable dishes are to die for – specially their roast pumpkin, fresh herbs chooped and mixed with pumpkin seed and smoked Idiazabal cheese – and their pizzas, their focaccia or their incredible Burrata Stracciatella, basil oil and in season leafy greens.

Arigato Barcelona

We told you about it a few weeks ago and the truth is that all we can say about them is that they are wonderful. You have to try it!

Bestial, Pez Vela, Bar Lobo, Cuines Santa Caterina, Negro y Luzi Bombón

The Tragaluz Group has home delivery at all their restaurants.

The Green Spot

Our favourite in Barcelona has both delivery and take away. Don’t miss it! Healthy delicious food.

Espai Joliu

They have a take away service. So we can continue to enjoy their excellent coffee, cakes, cookies, brioches, croissants, granola with yoghurt or porridge from Wednesday to Friday from 9 to 15h and Saturdays and Sundays from 10-15h.


Teresa Carles is a classic vegetarian restuarant in Barcelona that also delivers. Good quality, healthy dishes and a lot of flavour.

La Mundana

This fresh produce market in Sants deserves a monument. EVerything is delicious here and the best thing is that now, we can continue to dig in from home. Our favourite dishes on the home delivery menú are:l Tonkatsu, the croquettes made from roast meat, tuna tartare with aromas of Asia and the beef jowl with kimchy.

Nomad Coffee

They have a take away service so we can continue to drink the best coffee in Barcelona. Oh yeaaah!

La Porca

At La Porca they offer home delivery and take away. You can download their menu from their website. Amongst their delicacies we recommend the bravas, the La Porca sándwich or the crispy veggie Burger. Although, different strokes….


The Robata restuarant counts on its own delivery so we can continue to enjoy their delicious Japanese dishes.

Grupo Kao

If you like good quality Chinese food, restaurants like the Kao Group have your name written all over them. So while the new norms are in place, you can use their take away or home delivery service via Glovo or through their their website.

Enjoy your week and take care!

(*) Cover photo: Grosso Napoletano Senza Glutine.

(**) The translation of this article has been done by OXINITY. The best online school to learn and speak English.



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