Danielle Clough’s embroidered rackets

I have admired this artist’s work for some time now and I was fascinated by her art from the very beginning when faced with it.

Let me explain…

Danielle Clough is from South Africa and her plastic representations emerge on atypical canvases, such as the embroidered vintage badminton and tennis rackets decorated with colourful, beautiful, floral embroidery.

What’s the process? The artifice of all this was her mother, who taught her to sew when she was a child. It has been from this base that he has managed to create a personal style, which she calls “fibre art”. Essentially hyperrealist vegetable patterns sewn onto the nylon strings of the rackets, simulating cross-stitch. What a wonder!

As you may well imagine these unusual tapestries have already become collectors’ items and what Clough wants to accomplish with this is the increasingly compelling relevance of craftsworkers, and through them Clough wants to show the relevance of the craftwork (backed up again by a contemporary design) as an escape route from the digital age with its instantaneousness and pop-ups.

What do you think?

(*) Photos: Danielle Clough.



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