Codac Food: food as an object of innovation

Contact: 930 27 71 49
Address: C/ Pallars, 154 (Barcelona)
Hours: De lunes a miércoles de 12:30 a 17 h. Jueves - Domingo de 13 a 16:30 y de 19 a 21:30 h.

35 €

We follow Miquel Coulibaly’s work closely; his creative mind always goes that little bit further than expected.

On this occasion, his new project is called Codac Food and is located where the Cafetería Industrial used to be- and that makes 9 unique and different projects in this space.

He created this concept together with his wife, Anastasiia Kazakova, and it’s a multidisciplinary project, where, as always, all his facets are in play. From the interior design, the construction, the refurbishment of the site, the industrial design, the dishware for the presentation and the creation of each of the recipes from scratch. They are also the creators of the audiovisual production.

For you to get the idea, they have a weekly menu that consists of one course and a dessert. But… what a course and what a dessert! We tried their smoked aubergine onigiri, with Modena balsamic vinegar and cheese with dried tomato powder, and their tuna, prawn and chlorophyll pasta and a peanut and cranberry curry, that was amazing. They also have a dinner menu, where other wonders stand out like the matcha tea croquant with ginger and edamame butter, the salted mochi, bok choy and marble sauce, or the cod cake with mature tomato sorbet. And, as if this wasn’t enough, they have different sandwiches such as the tuna, dry prawn, green leaves and vinaigrette or the cured egg which we still have to dig our teeth into…

Although we can tell you that everything here is a fantasy of surprising flavours and that their visual presentation means that each dish is a complete experience. As for dessert, we opted for the coconut elastic with caramel and beetroot and for the chocolate ganache with carrot cream. Difficult to explain! We liked both because of their unique texture and because of their sweet taste with tangy hints.

The truth is we loved it and can’t wait to go back!

P.S. Since just a few days ago, you can buy their first limited edition products on their website (and pick it up at their shop). It’s a soft matcha and sweet potato turron with a sour carrot garnish and rice crumble. It comes in great packaging.

(*) Photos: Very tasty blog.



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