Charlotte Lapalus’ beautiful and elegant photographs

Charlotte Lapalus is a French photographer who lives in Marseille, that mainly carries out fashion editorials, portraits, landscapes, interiors and objects.

Her captivating photographic style is characterized by her intimate interpretation of femininity, by her deep tones and dull colours filled with mystery, her beautiful locations and ultimately, her poetic minimalism, whereby her portraits remain serene and elegant.

Interestingly, Charlotte took up photography almost by coincidence. It happened after she had finished her studies of Law and had begun working as a notary. As she tried to find a way to express all her creativity, she decided to take photographs, specially of landscapes, until a time when her interests changed completely, and this hobby became her profession.

As you can see, her portfolio is based on fashion photography, featuring her ability to capture the light, always natural and warm light, and also featuring models that she integrates completely in nature. But Lapalus’ art is truly much broader, in spite of the common thread being the subtle and hypnotic scenes filled with beauty.

We leave you with her website y her Instagram so you can take a closer look at her work.

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