Brooklyn Grange: the biggest urban roof garden in the world

New York is the Mecca of beauty, business and thousands of other things. That´s why, it was to be expected that this marvellous space is located in the city that never sleeps.

The craftsman responsible for this great project called Brooklyn Grange is Ben Flanner, who conceptualized this space 8 years ago to promote a healthy and organic lifestyle and to create a sustainable, urban agriculture with the ability to be reproduced in other cities. To give you an idea, this urban oasis annually produces over 18 tonnes of vegetables and local herbs cultivated using innovative methods which are 100% organic and some free range hens. Impressive don´t you think?

The one I was at is in Brooklyn, but the head office is in Queens, on the top of a commercial building and it takes up over 30,000 square metres. This specification makes it the largest rooftop in the world.

Brooklyn Grange also has a shop where homemade sauces, honey and of course, seasonal ecological products are sold. Yoga classes and urban agriculture courses also take place there.

As if this weren´t enough, the views over Manhattan from this beautiful roof garden in the sky are pretty impressive whether by day or by night. So much so in fact that it can be hired to celebrate parties – dinner or otherwise – and even weddings. If we´re lucky enough, something like it will soon come to Spain and we can enjoy it more often…

“The city/Cities will always depend on rural farming to feed its inhabitants; but also having these resources within its limits and taking advantage of disused rooftops has a great potential: they improve the quality of city life, they create jobs, they facilitate access to fresh, healthy vegetables and they provide environmental and agricultural education to all those who live in the city and love it.”

(*) Photos: Brooklyn Grange.



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