Barcelona Photographic Memory: an immersive journey in time

Barcelona Memoria Fotográfica is the first 360º large format, immersive experience with virtual reality, projections and interactive proposals via artificial intelligence, on Barcelona as seen through the lenses of 6 of the best photographic artists in the country. An unpublished view of the city in the 50s and 60s with spectacular large format and 360º photographs from a unique generation of photographers that, thanks to their style and perspective on reality, achieved a complete renovation of the photographic scene: Francesc Català-RocaOriol MasponsLeopoldo PomésJoana BiarnésXavier Miserachs and Colita.

“An experience that served as a unique testimony to the social transformation of Barcelona in the 50s and 60s”.

It is held in IDEAL, the digital cultural centre with a technological team which is unique in Europe and that in 1917 was one of the most important neighbourhood cinemas in Barcelona – popularly known as “El Rellis” or “EL Rellisquín”, in reference to an old skating rink that was located in this same spot. In this new function, IDEAL aims to become the future of cinema and museums. A space where art, technology and science meet to create new audiovisual content where the spectators are the protagonists.

“IDEAL Barcelona is the first centre in Southern Europe devoted to the production and exhibition of digital art”

Absolutely unmissable! Tickets available at this link.

(*) Photos: Ideal Barcelona.



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