Bar Luce by Wes Anderson

Site: Bar Luce - Fondazione Prada
Address: Largo Isarco, 2 (Milán)
Hours: Abierto de 9 a 22 h. de lunes a domingo.

Our admiration for Wes Anderson is a reality. We love everything he does. That’s why, when We discovered the bar that he has created for the Fondazione Prada… We knew immediately that it would be our new Mecca.

This new complex is located in an old 1910 distillery from a project by Rem Koolhaas. This precious place is full of luxuries like art galleries, recreational areas and kids’ entertainment as well as this wonderful bar, which could be perfectly described as a set of one of its films.  The Bar Luce stands out its chevalierian atmosphere made up of an amalgamation of vintage decoration, art deco and 50s furniture and atmosphere. The design of the same includes gambling games (one dedicated to Steve Zissou’s oceanographics), from the film “Life Aquatic” and the other based on his short “Castello Cavalcanti”– his previous work for Praday (which was his particular homage to Federico Fellini), a jukebox with the songs of two hundred songs by Italian singers, some of which were used as props for the film The Grand Hotel Budapest, old clocks and to boot, architecture from Milan’s symbolic Vittorio Emanuele gallery, in its decoration of ceilings and walls.

The truth is that the director of Texan cinema, inspired by old Milanese cafés  – and by two Italian neorealist masterpieces:“Rocco y sus hermanos”(1960), by Luchino Visconti, and “Milagro en Milán”(1951), by Vittorio de Sica, – has confessed  that he has conceived this bar as a reaction to the cosiness of the place, where you can sit to chat, read, eat or drink. That’s why there is an ample offer of café services that includes breakfasts, appetizers and a quick lunch or dinner.

It goes without saying as you can see from these pictures that, Bar Luce, is an unparalleled stylish place and that without a doubt could become the next set for the filming of Andersono as he himself has confirmed “a really beautiful place to write a new film, as it has been designed as a bar where I would like to spend my afternoons”.

(*) Photos by Attilio Maranzano. Courtesy by Fondazione Prada.



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