Archive Sneakers: The first shop selling almost new sports shoes

Address: C/ Infantas, 40 (Madrid)

The frenzy over sports shoes isn’t dwindling but rather just keeps growing. So knowing that Madrid has the first shop specializing in nearly new sports shoes deserves a celebration!

It’s called Archive Sneakers and behind this project, borne to satisfy the need of sports shoe lovers, is no other than the Vintalogy team, that is also responsible for Mercado de Motores. That’s why we can find real vintage treasures here: both sneakers and some of the most iconic sports shoes in history. From Adidas Gazelle to Nike Jordan, including classic Converse All Star, “Old Skool” Vans or Beckenbauers. And as if this weren’t enough, they also have streetwear fashion from past decades.

Another of the reasons why we love this place is that it is located in the shop that once housed Casa Benítez, an old and mythical tailor shop in Chueca. And, luckily, instead of clearing it all out, the new owners have kept the floors and wooden furniture, as well as other very peculiar mementos from yesteryear.

As well as being able to purchase true collector’s items, they also offer the customer the possibility of selling sports shoes that we no longer use for whatever reason but that are still in good condition.

“Our line is eco-friendly with 100% sustainable products, offering second-hand models of big name brands, in perfect condition and at affordable prices.”

We’ll say no more and invite you to visit their shop in person if you are in Madrid, and if not, to visit their website. They tend to have new stock every week because it flies off the shelves! Because as with VIntalogy, there is only one pair of each model. So if you see the pair of your dreams in your size, don’t think twice!

(*) Photos: Archive sneakers.

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